EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Germein

Germein are an exciting rising trio consisting of 3 sisters from Australia. They have recently released their brand new single ‘Talking’ and will be over in the UK from June 20th playing at Isle of Wight festival and then supporting Little Mix during their massive stadium tour.

Here we chat exclusively to Germein to discuss their musical inspirations, new single, touring with Little Mix and more;

Growing up who inspired your love of music?

Georgia Germein:Our Dad played the trumpet in a New Orleans rhythm and blues style band, and introduced us to artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Van Morrison, and Cat Stevens. We grew up going to his shows, which was always very load, energetic, and lots of fun. Mum played classical and folk music around the house, and we were encouraged to have fun and be creative with our music. We sang Ella Fitzgeralds A Tisket, A Tasket for our first public performance, I think when I was about 6 years old!

Ella Germein: We didn’t watch much TV growing up, but when we did it was usually Disney movies, which of course are known for their amazing sound tracks. I think these definitely sparked our interest in the power of music and emotion. 

Clara Germen: Our first CD’s we ever got were Celine Dion (Georgia), Shania Twain (Ella) & Kate Cebrano (Clara) – which we listened to on repeat!.

Who are your all time musical heroes?

Ella: We love bands with a strong harmony feel like Fleetwood Mac and Queen; the edginess of Florence and the Machine and The Wombats; plus the fun energy of iconic female artists from over the years like the Spice Girls, Beyoncé and of course Little Mix.  

Clara: We love artists like U2 who use their music to inspire others and make a positive impact on the world, and we hope to do the same. 

How would you describe your own music style?

Georgia: Indie Pop Rock. 

What is the inspiration behind your new single ‘Talking’?

Georgia: We decided we wanted to start making music on our own terms, and so tried recording and producing “Talking” ourselves in our home studio in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. When we hit play, we knew it was the musical vision we’ve had for ourselves finally coming to life. ‘Talking’ takes on a bit of a darker theme, with edgy guitar hits, pumping drums and bass, and a soaring break out chorus showcasing our three-part harmonies. ‘Talking’ we hope can relate to people facing all different types of challenges. Whether it be feeling like you can’t express yourself through communication in a break up, losing a loved one, fighting with a friend, or even not feeling like you have the right to talk – which unfortunately is true for many people in this world. 

Ella: There’s a line in the song ‘this silence is killing us’ which basically talks about bottling up the fear, anger and frustration to the point of it feeling like its destroying you. There is a cool build up in this part of the song which sort of reflects that building up and exploding feeling, like that feeling when you stand on the edge of a cliff and just scream out releasing all the emotions and after you feel ten times better.  

Can we expect and album from you soon?

Clara: Yeah we hope so! We’ve been laying down a bunch of new tracks of the past few months so are hoping to have it all out before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

Do you feel being siblings helps your overall sound?

Georgia: Definitely. We have grown up playing and singing together since we were really young, and making music together has almost become second nature to us. We got really good at harmonising with each other on long car trips across Australia, and loved putting on little concerts for our grandparents and family friends when they’d come and visit. These days we can usually anticipate what each of us is going to do when we’re playing a song together, and being siblings our voices seem to blend pretty well.  

You’re opening for Little Mix this June, what can fans expect from your set?

Ella: We are stoked to be touring with Little Mix in July! They are such a talented and down to earth group of girls who are smashing it in the music world at the moment. We’ll be opening the show with a lot of fun and high-energy original tunes, plus a cover or two thrown in to sing along to.  

How did the tour slot come about?

Clara: We were lucky enough to open for a couple of Little Mix shows last year, so it’s incredible to be invited to back to play 15 arena shows this year.  

Can the UK fans expect to see more from you soon?

Ella: Yes! We’re basing ourselves in the UK for the rest of the year with long term plans to keep coming back to your amazing country regularly. We just love the vibe and music scene of here..

What are your long term career goals? 

Georgia: We absolutely love playing music, so to be able to keep doing what we’re doing – making music, travelling the world and performing would be a dream. We’re just so grateful we get to do what we do, and hope to use our songs to make a positive difference in the world. 

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