EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Girl Pow-R

Girl Pow-R are are Toronto based pop-rack girlband with members ranging in age from 11-16. They burst onto the scene last November with the release of their debut single ‘Krisi’ and are now back with their latest release ‘Stronger Than Yesterday

Here we speak exclusively to Girl Pow-R to discuss their new single, musical message, future plans and more;

Whose brain child was the name Girl Pow-R?

CARINA: Our band name Girl Pow-R was chosen by our Creative Producer, Dawn Van Dam. She thought that the name would best describe an all-girl, pop-rock group that is all about spreading positivity and empowering others. 

How did you girls all meet? 

SOFIA: We met at auditions, and it’s really fun to think back on those first few meetings now that I know the other girls so well.  

MILANA: The girls from Girl Pow-R first participated in an on-line audition, then we had live auditions. After the girls in the band were chosen, we all met for the first time at Cherry Beach Studios. We were so excited to meet one another! The video auditions, and the shy waves and hellos from our live auditions, was nothing compared to meeting everyone that first time and knowing that we were the band Girl Pow-R! Our friendships grew from that point on!

CARINA: We all met through a process of auditions done by Canyon Entertainment Group in Toronto in March 2017, and I am so happy that we did! I have been having so much fun working with the girls in Girl Pow-R, and I don’t know what I would do without them.

How do you hope your music impacts on the next generation of young women? 

BELLA: Girl Pow-R is unique in its presentation of popular music, along with a deep sense of responsibility to support social causes in society. The determination that our band members have to spread the word about empowering girls and women to better themselves, and being charitable, is exceptional. By doing so, the boys and men in society see what is important to us and how we can best work together to support each other and have common goals of peace, harmony, equality and humanity. 

CARINA: We would really like to inspire people through our music to follow their dreams and to not hold back from their true potential. We promote equality for all, and we believe that no one should let anything get in their way of achieving greatness. 

Your new single “Stronger than Yesterday”, is out now; can you talk us through the inspiration of the song? 

BELLA: All youth experience difficulty in their lives, including emotional, physical or psychological difficulty. Girl Pow-R is here to tell you that you are not alone. The storm will pass and you will emerge stronger and more able with every day that goes by. 

CARINA: The inspiration behind “Stronger than Yesterday” is to inspire others to become better versions of themselves every day, and to not listen to those who have tried to bring you down. It is important that we remain strong individuals throughout the good and bad times, and that we learn from our mistakes. 

What do you hope listeners take from the single? 

SOFIA: No matter what obstacles you face, or what life throws at you, tomorrow is another day and a new opportunity. Try to learn from your mistakes and remember that regardless of what you may feel, you always have another chance to be stronger than yesterday.

MILANA: What I hope that our listeners will take from our new single, “Stronger than Yesterday” is that we will face challenges in life that will be hard to overcome. But the next day is a gift, so we have to be stronger than yesterday and fight through our bad days.  Every day will be better and better with the help and love from others, and the strength within you.

CARINA: It is important that we are able to let go and move on from things because, even if we are going through a hard time, things will eventually get better. There is a positive aspect to everything we experience in our daily lives.

BELLA: A sense of hope and belief that problems that seem to be impossible will actually amount to a manageable challenge, and that each day brings some improvement.

How would you describe your sound to new listeners? 

SOFIA: I would say our sound is Pop-Rock and very upbeat.  We like to send inspirational messages to our fans through our music.  

CARINA: I would describe Girl Pow-R’s sound in the words empowering, creative, and unique. 

BELLA: Universal, globally appealing, something for everyone! Girl Pow-R sings covers of well-known songs, both old and new. We stay current by releasing new covers, and creative with our originals. Then with the added skills of dancing and instrumentals, we can be a performance powerhouse with a quality of sound that appeals to family-friendly audiences of all cultures and age groups, due to our positive, inspiring message delivery.

Do you have any touring plans lined up? 

CARINA: We will be performing all over Ontario at the Northern Heat Rib Fest series from May to September! Check our social media for dates & times!

Which girl girls from past and present do you aspire to?

CARINA: We look up to the Spice Girls because they are amazing singers and dancers. We are also inspired by Alessia Cara because her songs promote a positive message.

Can we expect an album from you soon? 

CARINA: Yes! We are in the process of writing & recording more originals for our supporters! 

What are your long term career goals? 

MILANA: For my future career, I would love to be an accomplished singer, dancer and actress. I love when I am on stage with my band and performing my heart out!  While doing all of that, I would love to be a singing veterinarian! Music soothes the soul –human or animal! We all need music in our lives to brighten our darkest days. 

CARINA: My career goals are to be a triple threat performer, and to perform on stages all around the world, while inspiring others to not listen to the hate, and to stand up for what they believe in.

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