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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Hok Konishi

For quite some time, Hok Konishi has been dancing his way into millions of hearts. With his trademark, quirky style present when he perfectly executes moves in a variety of genres, Hok is an unforgettable dancer in today’s industry.

He’s been on both the dancing and choreographing sides of dance, having choreographed world tours and also appearing on So You Think You Can Dance. But no matter if he’s behind the scenes or performing, Hok uses his presence to share his passions with the world. He draws inspiration from the everchanging world around him – he’s a creator. Both onstage and online, he carries a message of positivity and acceptance.

Hok recently performed on the EIF Presents: XQ Super School Live, a telecast organized by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF). Shown on major television channels, the star-studded telecast’s focus was to prepare students for a successful post-secondary life.

We chatted about his experience on Super School Live, passions, and inspiration!

How would you describe yourself as a dancer?

I love switching up my style. I go back and forth with different movements and feelings. 

Was there a definitive moment in your life when you fell in love with dancing?  

Yes, I was 15 years old living in Japan and I watched my first dance performance on TV. The feeling I got from seeing people dance was like nothing I had ever felt in my life, it was at that moment I knew that I wanted to dance.

You’re no stranger to dancing on television, having appeared on different seasons of So You Think You Can Dance. What do you think is the most important thing you learned from your experiences on the show?

To be yourself. It sounds simple, but for some it can be really hard. I believe that no one can be a better version of the best version of yourself. 

In your career, you’ve already won an Emmy! Can you describe the feeling of realization when you found out?

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I still can’t fully grasp that it was real! Just to be nominated along with all of those AMAZING artists was truly a blessing, and then to win it, with my crew, who are like my brothers was just out of this world. There are truly no words to describe that feeling. 

Are there any other personal or professional milestones you’d like to reach in your career?

I would love to choreograph using the planets and the stars, or something in space of the same dynamic.

You performed at the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s XQ Super School Live, aiming to inspire the reshaping of high school to prep them for success in post-secondary life, whether it be in the workplace or in college. What was is like to be a part of it, and do you have a piece of advice you wish you’d given to your high school self?

It was definitely an honor to be a part of something that was bigger than “just” dance. Being a part of such a positive movement was truly rewarding. Our kids, schools, and education are literally our future, so we have to take care of them.

I would tell my high school self not to shave my eyebrows too thin.

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges graduating high school students face?

I think students are still trying to figure out who they are and what they believe in. I want students to remember that we are all different and that is totally okay. 

With the help of the entertainment industry, The Entertainment Industry Foundation raises awareness and funds for various issues. What is one issue you’re passionate about raising awareness about?

I would like to raise awareness about bullying during the early years of school. I honestly believe that if students traveled the world at a younger age, they could gain a broader perspective and it would make it easier for them to accept peoples differences. 

Photo Credit: Ryan West
Photo Credit: Ryan West

Being an amazing dancer yourself, what was it like to work with Mandy Moore and be a part of her vision?

I’ve always loved Mandy as a choreographer, as an artist, as a comedian, and as a great human being!!! Always such joy being around her!

You’ve done a fair bit of choreographing yourself, and worked with some amazing artists. What would you say is your favourite thing about choreographing pieces in comparison to learning other choreographers’ work?

They are different processes and I appreciate them both.  The way I see it is that it’s kind of like dancing with multiple limbs because you physically can’t do it yourself, you have other people’s body you dance through.

Is there a dancer or choreographer you haven’t worked with but would like to? 

I would LOVE to work with Bruno Mars! He is major on the pop scene and keeping the FUNK alive.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

I have a passion project called @WORLDWIDESNUGGLERS. It’s a combination of my love for photos, my girlfriend and traveling. My girlfriend and I started it when we couldn’t get the whole building in the shot and had to lay down on the floor together to fit it in. We loved the way it came out and now have pictures from around the world! It’s perfect for my fans that love traveling and like seeing different landscapes of the world.

You can watch the XQ Super School Pre-Show and Broadcast below. 

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Written by Kath Jiang

Western University grad, music lover, and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.

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