EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Honors

Honors are a new and exciting indie alt-pop, R&B group from Toronto who spend half of their time in Los Angeles. If you haven’t heard of them yet it’s fair to say their sound is a combination of Twenty One Pilots meets Two Feet with the festival vibe of Glass Animals. They are currently gearing for the the release of their debut full-length album ‘Feel Better’ which drops November 9th.

Here we speak exclusively to Honors to discuss their new music, band formation, future plans and more:

So, how did you guys meet?

We all grew up in the same neighbourhood in Toronto. Tyler’s family had a garage that was turned into a rehearsal space and recording studio, so it just became the spot that anyone who was musical, or wanted to make music would spend all their time hanging out there, writing songs, and learning how to play together as a band. 

How did you come up with the band name Honors?

When we first started writing the songs that have become this first album, there were these themes of self acceptance and perseverance; we wanted a name to reflect that, and to aspire to.

How do you feel your personal musical styles mesh together to create Honors’ sound?

Everyone in the group writes and produces, so we all bring different tastes and styles to the table. We make the music that we want to hear, that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

What would you say makes your music stand out from the rest?

Our taste is eclectic; there are elements of trap, R&B, alternative, electronic…but nobody else is doing it as a f**king band.

Your debut album Feel Better drops on November 9th, how excited are you to be sharing the record?

We can’t wait. We were locked in a studio for 6 months. We’re really proud of it as a body of work. We just spent a few weeks in Los Angeles, playing some shows, performing the new songs for the first time. We want the music out, and we’re going to be touring heavily. The most special thing is connecting with people at the live show. 

What is the main theme running through the record?

That you have to live in the moment, to enjoy the journey. F**ked up things happen. It’s accepting that, and how you move forward that defines you. 

Can you tell us a little about the writing and recording process for the album?

We wrote the album between Toronto and Los Angeles. All four of us write and produce, so usually we’ll work separately and come up with some ideas. When we get together, the ones that get the most excitement out of everyone are the ones we all go to work on from there. 

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