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Kalpee is an exciting rising talent from Trinidad and Tobago who is currently taking the world by storm with his brilliant new single ‘Colourful’.  Along with the release of his latest track, the rising star has also performed at Wembley’s Color Run and is managed by FVP Global who work with a host of worldwide superstars including the likes of Justin Timberlake, Rudimental, Anastacia, and Aston Merrygold. Kalpee has also just signed with United Talent Agency.

So far, the singer has amassed over 120 million streams and his newest single ‘Colourful’ is an urban track with huge dose of pop.

Here we speak exclusively to Kalpee to discuss his latest release, performing at Wembley’s Color Run, long term career goals and more:

Your new single Colourful is out now, can you talk us through the inspiration behind the track?
I’ve been experimenting for a while with my music, back at home in Trinidad and Tobago and in Sweden where I work with a lot of producers trying to find ways to incorporate my accent and my culture music, “calypso and soca” into my overall sound. I think this track captures the essence of that! Colourful is simply about beauty in difference, it’s about being not only true, but proud of you being you. I’m a big advocate for individuality and self love and I think it’s important for us to stop hiding behind the boundaries set by others, let your colours shine cause ain’t nobody like you. 
What do you hope fans take from the track?
I always want listeners to take what they want from a song, I have my reasons for writing it the way it’s been written but whether someone wants to listen to it as though it’s meant for a person they care about or if it’s interpreted in such a way to motivate a listener and help with self confidence, that’s all up to them, the most important thing for me is that, they feel the love and the energy put into the track.
How would you describe the overall vibe of the track?
I’d say it’s a feel good track, I like to call it driving music, I tend to love music that’s easy to listen to and euphoric in feel, so that’s usually how I approach my music.
 What do you hope to achieve with the new single? 
I hope to introduce myself as an artist and gain a new listening audience. I hope Colourful intrigues listeners enough to want more of my genre of music and to want more music from me!
Can we expect an album from you soon?
Yes definitely, that’s one of my main priorities at the moment and I’ve been working really hard and putting a lot of hours into my music, trying to perfect every part of it. I’ve got so many new tracks that I can’t wait to show you guys.
Do you have any touring plans lined up?
Yes, of course, the tour plans I’d say are definitely up and running, I’ve already got performances lined up in the UK and in Singapore, so I guess I’m gonna be doing a good bit of travelling in the near future, looking forward to seeing you all ;). 
You recently performed at Wembley’s Color Run, how did that come about?
The collaboration with Color Run was definitely a match made to be, the event lined up perfectly with not only the vibe of colourful but the message as well, promoting love and individuality, I was really grateful to have been asked to be a part of that.  
What was it like performing at such a huge event on such an iconic stage?
It was pretty dope to be honest not gonna lie, I was really nervous at first but that’s only because I wanted to give the people a great show. The whole environment was electric, you could almost feel everyone’s energy and that made it a lot easier to just connect with the crowd. At various intervals everyone would let off there paint packets at the same time which was a beautiful sight to see, people dancing, singing all for a great cause. What a day!
What are your long term goals?
This is always such a tricky question, because I feel as though my long term goals depend heavily on how well I execute my short term goals, they lay the foundation for my future basically. One thing I can say for sure, is that I intend on being involved in this industry for the long run and in that time I definitely want to be able to share my culture with the world, through my music. I feel like the goal of every artist is to sell out arenas and be appreciated globally and while that’s all great and I’d love for that to happen this is all a learning process for me and if I’m being honest even planning too far ahead isn’t something I’m used to, every time I accomplish one of my short term goals it gives me the confidence to want to dream about bigger, more magical long term goals. I think the biggest goal for me right now is to continue putting my strongest foot forward, it’s important for me to remain focused and to continue surrounding myself with the right energy and the right minds, once I take care of that part I think it’s up to the universe to decide the rest. 
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