EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Katie Herzig

Singer-songwriter, Katie Herzig is currently on her Moment of Bliss Tour. The tour has an intimate, storytelling feel to it. Herzig is known for her songs such as “Lost and Found,” which has appeared in the movie Family Weekend and was used for commercials for the movie Saving Mr. Banks. Her music also has been used in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Bones. Her dark, compelling music, live, almost feels like a therapeutic session, one that brings you on a life journey. Herzig does this by connecting with the audience, taking breaks in between most songs to talk with the audience about her song writing experiences. CelebMix had the chance to sit down with Herzig on her third tour stop in Boston, MA.

What’s the theme of the album, Moment of Bliss?

It’s one of the songs on the album, “Moment of Bliss.” It was really me just trying to remind myself to get present. I think that song started with me thinking that I was on my phone too much, so I was being distracted constantly. Basically, it’s to feel something or to connect and it’s basically saying, “I’ll never waste another moment of bliss.” That was the thing that kicked it off and I love that title, “Moment of Bliss,” because it felt a little bit like something I was chasing.

What would you say your “Moment of Bliss” is?

I would say it’s present. It’s like in any moment you can find that, which can be in a moment that is super exciting or on stage and something that feels really good. It can also just be, for me, going on a walk-in nature. A lot of them are through music.

Since The Waking Sleep, how would you say you’ve changed musically?

I feel like it’s been a pretty natural evolution. Now it’s circling around because The Waking Sleep was kind of more the first time I started incorporating more like samples of stuff of my new music, mixed with organic stuff. Then Walk Through Walls came after that and I incorporated even more of that digital stuff even more. This last record felt like seeing that vision through. Now I have this new EP, Delicate, that’s taking all that stuff away and just being super chill. I feel as if I’m probably going to head that direction next, more that way.

You’ve worked with Ingrid Michaelson, how did that connection come to be?

We have the same music licensing company. Many years ago, she was passing through town, playing a show, and I introduced myself because I worked with her manager and we met that way. The time we first really started connecting was when she was working with David Khan on her album and I was mixing The Waking Sleep album down the hall from her and so we spent a week working next door in studios on something, so she really connected with that record and that kind of set us up for me to start producing her and writing together.

Your song, “Lost and Found” has connected with so many people, did you expect that to happen?

No, I didn’t. We didn’t anticipate being what it’s come to be in my career. It almost became the problem child when we were trying to mix the record, we were trying to figure out how to get it to sound like we want it. It’s deep on the record, it’s not upfront. So, we didn’t anticipate it at all.

What can people expect from this tour and what’s it like being back on the road for the first time in 4 years?

It’s been interesting because we’re only on our third show so it’s all pretty fresh and new and feels pretty surreal. I’m here with a great group of people, playing with these people, they’re pretty mean but pretty nice and talented people. The difference of four years is that it takes a lot longer to get my groove back in terms of getting ready for this tour and figuring out these songs. Once you have it all worked up you kind of have it ready to go and do whatever. It has just taken a lot to get there.

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Written by Will Heffernan