EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Martin Jensen

Martin Jensen has recently released his brand new single ‘Somebody I’m Not’ The track is a bubbly pop song that pokes fun at today’s social media and status obsessed culture.

The new release follows the success of Jensen’s 2016 smash ‘Solo Dance’ which has had over 480 million Spotify streams since its release. More recently singles including ‘All I Wanna Do’ and ‘Miracles’ has been shared by the Danish DJ.

Here we speak exclusively to Martin Jensen to discuss his new single, touring and more:

Your new single ‘Somebody I’m Not’ pokes fun at today’s social media obsessed culture, are you also guilty of this?

No I don’t think I’m guilty of this. Of course there are episodes where fans, girls or guys are texting me, but I think that’s what you say yes to if you want to be a public figure. Sometimes I hear stories about social media from other people and can’t believe what a crazy world we live in. It’s definitely an important topic to put focus on though, we have to remember to stay true to who we really are. 

How do you feel your listeners have reacted so far to the subject of the song?
A lot of people have reacted really well to the song! I’m very happy with the response. There are of course always going to be a few people who react poorly, this actually happened to me this morning with a girl getting offended but these are rare occasions and nothing I put too much energy into. I like to stay focused on the positives.  

Social media is a fantastic tool but do you feel people sometimes get sucked in to it far too much?

I think social media is the best and worst medium in the world. You have people like me taking the business opportunity from it and texting with family and friends to stay updated with each other. You also have people who just use it to share and stay connected. Then on the other hand you have people who are being bullied on a daily basis, threats are being made and people think they can write whatever they want because it’s all happening online. I think that’s a terrible side of it and something we all need to help fight. Social media is a love hate relationship, but I would never want to be without it.    

What made you want to write a track on this subject?
It was actually a songwriter who initially came up with the lyrics for this song. I liked the lyrics because they tell a true story about the world we live in today and they’re super catchy! I had my hands full making the production on ‘Somebody I’m Not’ and really like how it turned out. 

What do you hope your fans take from the song?
I hope people take a second to think about social media and its influence on us. There are so many girls and guys who want their profiles to look perfect. No spots on their face or anything slightly off with their posts. They’re trying to portray a perfect reality which is never the case with anyone. Post about your bad days as well. I try to show through my own stories how life isn’t always perfect. It’s okay not to have the best day, we all go through it. Not everything has to be perfect.

You’re releasing a music video for the song soon, what can we expect from the clip?
The music video is a beautifully shot video with me and Bjørnskov in it. We’re on the beach, in a basement and all with great scenery. The video focuses on the simplistic but beautiful environments. We don’t want the video to take away from the song but rather add another element to it. Less is more!

Can we expect an album from you soon?
I’ve actually been toying with the idea of an album but haven’t found the solution to when I’d release something like this. I have so much music I’d like to release and putting it on an album would be great. However for now it’s not planned but definitely something I’d like to do at some point.

Do you plan on touring in the future?
Yes of course! I love touring and entertaining. This Thursday I’m going to China for 3 shows and then off to Indonesia and afterwards Japan. I’m super excited to be going back to Asia again!

What can we expect from you in 2019?
There is a lot of new music coming in 2019! As I said before I have so much new music ready and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

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