EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Maty Noyes

Maty Noyes has been on many hit songs such as “Stay” by Kygo and The Weeknd’s song “Angel.” Back in 2015, Noyes released a song called “Haunted” for the film Secret in Their Eyes. In 2016, Noyes released her debut solo single, “In My Mind,” from her debut EP, Noyes Complaint. She gained fans from this catchy song that has been “in everyones minds” since it came out. Noyes then released her song “Say it to my Face,” a more confident song that will make you feel like you can survive anything said to your face, it really helps your ego… in a good way.

Noyes recently released her album, Love Songs From a Lolita and is currently opening for Noah Cyrus on the Good Cry TourCelebMix had the chance to talk with Noyes backstage before her set at The Big E in West Springfield, MA.

What was it like working on Love Songs From a Lolita?

I write non-stop. After touring with Kygo, I took sometime in LA, two years off, pretty much wrote every single day and just never stopped. A lot of those songs are just random picks from what I’ve been working on for the past few years. There’s plenty that I wanted to get on there that didn’t and most of them were good, I think out of the six, four I got to choose and the two others were chosen by the label.

Amelia Cordischi

Do you have a favorite song off the album?

I think I have a favorite three songs, “Pornstar,” “Spiraling Down” and “New Friends.”

You had quite the summer, you performed the the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival, what was that like?

That was crazy. That was the first show I ever experienced anxiety. A lot of times you have a band or all this other stuff going on and I wasn’t use to playing that many tracks in a row. It just wasn’t a show I was use to, they’re usually with Kygo or an acoustic band and I wasn’t use to the track after track after track, fast moving for 45 minutes. It went great though and I should never let myself get like that and I was pretty upset that it got to my head but overall the show went amazing and my family was there.

Amelia Cordischi

What was it like working with Kygo on “Stay?”

I actually didn’t work with him. I wrote the song myself and I just sent it to him and he added a few things.

What’s it like touring with Noah Cyrus?

It’s an adventure. Her and I like to do the same things, which is absolutely nothing. We love to lay around and watch The Office and order Postmates all the time and we eat nothing but chicken nuggets, so it works well.

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How would you describe your music to new listeners?

Noah Cyrus: AMAZING!!!

Maty Noyes: I would say amazing, very honest and real, vulnerable and open. It’s like pop but it’s not annoying pop, it’s like weird indie, real instruments, lyrics, stories. It’s like if Marilyn Monroe was more of a hippie and she sang. I have a little bit of Elvis in my soul too, coming from Mississippi.

Who are your influences?

OMG, there’s just so many. I love Chet Baker, Nancy Sinatra, Lana Del Rey, from what era? There’s too many. Now a days, I love what Kendrick Lamar is doing.

Do you have a dream collaboration?

I would like to work with Mark Ronson, maybe Bruno Mars and Lana Del Rey for sure. I already have so many songs that I’ve written that would be perfect for her to be on.

You moved to Nashville at only age 16 and then you moved to LA not long after, why did you decide to move to LA?

Sometimes, for what I was doing, which was pop on a big level, it felt like in the moment, Nashville I could only get so far and LA has all the huge successful producers and writers. Not that Nashville doesn’t have great writers, but it’s more country based, it’s a little different process for me, I still enjoy it, I love Nashville, I would like to move back and get a house one day, no doubt. For me to make it big time, I feel like right now LA is where I have to live.

Do you have any advice to those trying to make it in the music industry?

When you think you have worked as hard as you can, you have to work even harder. When you think you’ve gone the farthest, there’s still miles to go, but it’s fun and enjoy the come up, enjoy the journey because you’ll always look back and smile. You just have to be different and make something that you love out of all the things you love but it’s still you, it’s not impossible, you just have to really want it.

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On tour, what’s one thing that’s always “in your mind?”

I think about my dog a lot, I miss him, he’s really fluffy. I’m always thinking about what we’re going to eat next, usually and hoping that I don’t break out or gain twenty million pounds from eating only chicken nuggets.

Make sure you take a listen to Noyes’s new album, Love Songs From a Lolita now and catch her opening for Noah Cyrus on the Good Cry Tour by purchasing tickets here.

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Written by Will Heffernan