Exclusive interview with nation’s sweetheart, Joe McElderry

Eleven years on from winning X Factor, Joe McElderry is gearing up to release his return to the world of pop. ‘Baby Had Your Fun’ drops this Friday. Ahead of the release, we caught up with Joe for the lowdown on his brand new single and making music during the pandemic.

Hi Joe! It’s amazing to hear that you’re back on the airwaves making pop music once again. What a treat for 2021! Have you missed it? 

I suppose although I have been releasing music over the last 11 years,  this is different to what I have already done so I feel refreshed and excited for this new era or music. 

Obviously, you’ve been singing in the interim between now and winning X Factor – but what prompted your decision to move away from ballads for this release? 

I think with everything that 2020 brought I had so much energy – I wanted to release and wanted to do something fun and energetic and give people a song to feel good with!

You’ve been keeping busy and looking after us all during lockdown, thank you! How did the decision for your celebrity talk show, Between Me & You, come about? 

Well, I think in the beginning, it was all very new and we were finding ways to connect. I thought it would be a good idea give artists and well known personalities the chance to interview each other. We have all been through different and/or similar experiences, so it made the questions quite interesting, as we had a mutual understanding of our careers. I think also it changed the dynamic of the chat because we could both draw on individual experiences.  

How have you been keeping in contact with your fans during lockdown? Do you find social media to be helpful? 

I have been so fortunate to be able to perform online shows from my living room during the whole pandemic!  I tested a few out early on and thought I would just do a couple,  but the demand has been wonderful and everyone is enjoying them – it’s also given me something to look forward to every week, and kept me busy planning and rehearsing, and kept me active, so I feel super lucky.  

How else have you been looking after your mental health during lockdown? Do you have any advice for those who may be struggling? 

I think everyone has different ways of coping. I find exercise is a huge release for me, and going out for a run if I’m feeling a bit down or under the weather.  I make sure I get a workout in as it clears my head, but also makes my brain feel like I’ve done something and wakes me up.  

What inspired your new song, ‘Baby Had Your Fun’? Are the lyrics about anyone in particular, or just overcoming adversity in general?

I wrote it as a break up song, for when you’re feeling sad and low but you wanna shake it off! I think we have all had the moment where you call your friends,  and all get together for a big night out and dance away your sadness. Sometimes it just has to be done.  

What are you planning to do post-pandemic? Can we expect a tour? 

Like everything, it’s all up the air at the moment, until we know what we can and can’t do there is no point in arranging a tour,  but as soon as I am able to tour safely I will for sure be back out on the road! It’s my favourite place to be – on stage with my band. 

Anything else we should know about the new release? 

I just hope that people enjoy the song, and it gives them some happiness and something to dance around their living rooms to! Until we can all dance together again…

Thanks so much to Joe McElderry for taking the time out to answer our questions! ‘Baby Had Your Fun’ is out on Friday, and you can pre-save now.

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Written by Emma

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