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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with New Hope Club

New Hope Club has had a pretty successful year with their music. Their songs like “Fixed” and “Medicine” and just recently “Crazy” have become hits for the band. New Hope Club has always had a big fan base but these three songs have put them on the radar for artists to watch for. From supporting The Vamps continuously since 2016, they just finished their tour with The Vamps in America the other night in NYC at the Playstation Theater. CelebMix had the chance to chat with the guys in Boston, MA at the Paradise Rock Club before their set opening for The Vamps.

You guys just released “Crazy,” what’s the message behind that and what was it like recording it?

Reece: The song was written about a relationship and it’s about the good and bad about the relationship, how it can be “crazy” in a bad way but also how crazy in love we are with each other and finding it hard to leave.

What’s one thing that makes you guys go “Crazy” in a good or bad way?

Reece: Water on the bathroom floor in a bad way.

George: Sugar haha

Reece: Starbucks also makes us crazy

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You guys also released two other songs earlier this year, “Start Over Again” and “Medicine,” between the three songs do you have a favorite?

Blake: My favorite is “Crazy” just because I think that was the first song that stood out. It has a riff that kind of has the old school feel. When I heard it I felt like it had more of our other music in it as well. It’s also good to play live as well.

Reece: I love “Crazy,” I loved doing the video for it. I love “Fixed” as well, which was one of our first real proper songs, so that one has meant a lot to us.

For people who have never listened to your music, how would you describe your music?

Reece: We’re a guitar band, we usually write around a guitar, that’s how we traditionally write and it usually starts off with a riff. We tend to write a lot about either relationships or stuff that we’ve been through. Our songs are energetic most of the time and songs that are really fun to play live so we write songs that we would want to play on stage and have a good time.

How has it been touring with The Vamps?

George: It’s been good. We actually haven’t had a lot of time off this tour, we’re pretty much all over the place. It’s been great, we’ve gone to places that we’ve really never seen before. We actually played football against The Vamps a couple of days ago. We didn’t really win but we took part, so we got to hang out with them.

Reece: The Vamps have been rubbing it in ever since right in our dressing room everyday, the score.

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Touring in America, is there one thing you miss about being back home in England?

Reece: I think our families, are obviously the main thing that we miss from being at home. Also the weather we miss, it’s not the best, but it’s our home and it’s cold and we like it, we love the cold. We’re loving tour we’re just having the best time ever and we’re having so much fun, not much to complain about.

You guys don’t really adhere to the “boy band” label, with so many boy bands around, how you guys make sure you aren’t labeled as a boy band?

Blake: We don’t really mind what people call us as long as they like what we’re doing. Obviously we play instruments, we all play an instrument so we’re not like a typical boy band where no one plays an instrument. As long as people are enjoying our music and as long as they’re enjoying the show, it doesn’t really bother us what they label us, as long as it’s a really good label.

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Do you guys have a favorite memory from the tour?

George: There’s been load of stuff on this tour. We’ve had a van for the past couple of days and we just have this playlist which is pretty short so the songs keep looping.

Reece: Blake’s birthday was yesterday and that was a lot of fun. We went to a Bruno Mars gig and we got to go backstage, that was insane. We had such a good time and everyone sang happy birthday to him in the crowd and held up signs.

New Hope Club will be opening for The Vamps on their Four Corners Tour starting in April 2019. Tickets can be purchased here.

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Written by Will Heffernan