EXCLUSIVE: Interview with New Hope Club Part Two

When we caught up from George, Blake and Reece from New Hope Club last week, we made sure to ask them some of your questions from Twitter:

All: Touring!

Blake: Touring because you get to do it all, writing and recording at the same tour.

Reece: You get to do it all whilst you’re touring.

Reece: I want to go to Iceland, where they have the volcanic heated pools.

Blake: I want to get a motorbike and go down Route 66, a road trip down there would be class.

George: New Zealand in general would be pretty cool, like hiking around there because apparently the views are insane. Maybe live out there for a year as well.

Blake: I’ve got a really bad one that I can’t say so I don’t even know why I bothered saying that!

George: We prank called The Vamps once, I was telling Connor that I’ve had enough of the band and I asked if they could kick Brad out and let me in.

Reece: There’s a lot of different vibes, it still has the organic side to it with the guitar and all of our instruments but I think it’s a lot more mature. Obviously, we’ve grown up as writers and musicians so it’s more advancing. I think it’s just a lot better than stuff we’ve got out at the minute and we’re really happy with it and can’t wait to release it.

Blake: I’d say Reece.

George: Yeah, Reece.

Have you got a joke for us now, Reece?

Reece: I don’t know, this is really on the spot! Has anyone else got a joke?

Blake: I watched Pursuit of Happyness the other day and there’s a joke in that. It is a really sad film but the joke goes like this; there’s a man and he’s drowning in water, a ship comes by saying ‘do you need any help?’ but he’s like ‘no God will save me’. Another boat comes by, and he says ‘do you need any help?’ and he repeats ‘no God will save me’. Then he drowns and goes to God and says, ‘why didn’t you save me?’ and he’s like ‘I sent you two big boats you dummy!’.


Blake: Well, it was to like 15,000 people in Birmingham Arena so it was very, very surreal and so we were very nervous before.

Reece: Did any of us make a mistake?

Blake: No, I don’t think there were any noticeable mistakes.

George: There was probably a harmony that was off.

Reece: I usually forget lyrics.

Blake: I think we were really nervous before but once we were on stage, it kind of settled in.

Reece: You’re always learning as well.

Blake: I remember at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we weren’t on until like 9ish and we were literally sat in our dressing room in silence and we were like ‘come on, what are we doing?’.

George: We were only on stage for like 3 minutes though, it was just one song so when we came off we were buzzing and wanted to do more!

Reece: The whole tour we’d come off stage like ‘shouldn’t have done this, shouldn’t have done that’ and by the last three shows we were nailing it.

Blake: I think we’ve improved quite a lot.

George: Blake’s got a new haircut!

Blake: So do you Reece, you had a cat on your head through the whole tour!

George: Mine’s still the same.

George: Yeah, in the new songs, but I don’t wanna say it!

Reece: We can say it, it doesn’t matter! No-one’s gonna be like ‘OMG I’m stealing it!’

Blake: We’re just gonna say wait for the new songs.

George: Dido would be great!

Reece: Beyoncé would kill it, or like Rihanna would be so sick. Bruno Mars, he’d create a funky beat, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney.

George: It’s like a modern-day Band Aid!

Blake: Yes!

George: Yes!

Reece: Nah, it’s not for me to say really, but no.

Blake: It’s a yes from me.

Reece: It’s a no from me.

George: New Hope Club are gonna break up over pizza! I go half Hawaiian and half BBQ Chicken.

Blake: I eat it if it’s there but I never order a Hawaiian.

George: I’ve realised I really like that garlic and herb dip from Dominoes now!

Blake: No, you don’t like that do you? Now I can’t have yours! I always rely on George not liking it so I can have two.


After all those fan questions, the guys left this message for CelebMix readers:

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Written by Evie Hewitt

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