EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Rachael Bawn

Rachael Bawn is gearing up for the release of her brand new album ‘Chasing Lights’ which is slated for a February, 8th 2019 release. To kick off promo for the eagerly anticipated record, Bawn has shared standout single ‘Daggers’.

Here we speak exclusively to Rachael Bawn to discuss her new release, and upcoming LP:

Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind your new single ‘Daggers’?

Daggers is about the power of words and how they can leave a mark. I wanted a song that is about taking a stand and no longer allowing other people’s judgements and opinions define who you are.

What do you hope fans take from the track?

I hope that people will listen to things song and feel empowered, and to be reminded not to give other people’s words power over them.

This is the latest release off your upcoming album ‘Chasing Lights’? What has the writing process been like for this record?

Daggers is the only song on the album I didn’t write. I made a few tweaks and adjustments but I don’t feel right saying I wrote it. I didn’t want to pass up on such a powerful song just because I didn’t write it. This song came from the experience of a young girl who was bullied. When the song was played for me I instantly loved the message and lyrics. I wanted a song on the album that was bold and brave. I know so many people can relate to this song and I want it to give them courage and hope and strength.   

What can fans expect from the album?

Every song on this album has a positive message. There are so many themes that are relevant and relatable. Fans can expect meaningful lyrics over fun and catchy music. I wrote with a lot of great songwriters for this album so each song has a different flavour. There are more upbeat songs, and some really powerful ballads but every song has a piece of my heart in it.

Is there one song off the LP you are most excited about sharing?

I’m most excited about a song called ‘Trying’ that I wrote by myself. It talks about how I make mistakes and can sometimes get in my own way but I always want to try to be better. I never want to stop growing and becoming the best version of myself that I can be. I guess this is like the theme song for my life, it’s just a song that I really connect with.

What would you say was the easiest and most difficult songs to write on the album?

‘Alive’ was the most difficult song to write because we had to rewrite it about three times, so by the end I was just frustrated with it and ready to move on. Go figure it’s the song that everyone said was the single! The easiest song was ‘Broken’. The songwriter named Natalie Howard that I wrote with was just so easy to work with. We really connected and have similar outlooks on life. Her and I both wanted to write a song about overcoming that almost anyone would be able to relate to, so this song just seemed to come naturally because we both had a lot to say about not staying broken. 

Can we expect to see you touring this new record?

Absolutely, we are in the process of planning a tour for next year!

Do you have a message for your fans?

What I want people to take away from these songs is that they are not defined by their brokenness. There is always strength to be found within, and there is always hope. I want people to know that they are not alone, and to feel a sense of freedom in talking about really tough issues because that’s how we relate as humans. There are so many stigmas and barriers that I think we need to break through so we can reach out and ask for help when we need to and not feel any shame about it. I called the album ‘Chasing Lights’ because that’s what I want people to do, to chase the good and positive things in life and to be that light to other people.

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