EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Rhêtorík

Rhêtorík is an exciting new talent who launched his career last October with the release of his first single ‘Shelter’ with no manager, no publicist and no label behind with. The track has been a huge hit and has so far garnered over 300K streams on Spotify and over 19K views on YouTube, plus more than 29K streams on Soundcloud which is rather impressive for an independent debut.

Currently Rhêtorík is gearing up for his Summer tour with Logic’s where he will be the resident DJ and will play ‘Shelter’ every night, and has recently released his latest single ‘Caged Up’.

Here we speak exclusively to Rhêtorík to discuss his new music, touring, future plans and more:

2017 was a big year for you, what was your biggest highlight?

My biggest highlight was definitely putting out “Shelter” in October of 2017. No one knew what to expect from me since I never put out music before but the reception was incredible.

You’re currently unsigned, are you looking to find a label?

Not at this moment. If something right comes along, I will surely entertain the thought of signing, but at this point I make 99% of everything you see that comes from me – and have an awesome team around me supporting it – so I’m in no rush. It’s like a relationship – I’ll just know if I’ve found the one.

How would you describe your music style to new listeners?

I call it “future alternative Rhetorik pop.” It’s what happens when you take a kid raised on classic rock and singer-songwriters, and then make him a DJ in hip hop and EDM for 10 years. It’s somehow familiar and nostalgic but also something you’ve never heard before.

Who inspired your love of music?

I’d say it started from my parents always playing music when I was a child and then the internet allowed me to formulate my own taste.

You’re on the road with Logic this Summer, what can fans expect from your shows?

HUGE SOUNDS. I have the privilege of playing my first single “Shelter” in front of 10,000+ people a night. I produced these songs for crowds this size, so it’s amazing to see it translate. 

Are you looking to headline your own tour soon?

I’m not necessarily looking to book a full tour yet but I am definitely looking to hit some big cities in the fall. I’m keeping an eye on all the data we get to figure out which cities will get a dose of the solo Rhetorik show first.

Do you have any new music on the horizon?

My first EP should be out by the end of the summer. Despite its length, it’s quite the musical rollercoaster, and packs an enormous depth behind it. Beyond that, there will be music videos in the fall. I call it liking the book to be out before the movie. 

What are your long term career goals?

I’m excited to see my fanbase grow not only with me but with each other. In the long term, I just want to keep doing exactly what I’m doing, but on a much larger scale with a larger budget. Art all works together, so I see myself not only making my own music, but music for others, films with myself and others, acting – everything. I always have considered myself an artist not bound to a certain medium.

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