EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Robyn Regan

Robyn Regan is a 20 year old London born singer, she is signed to Universal Distrubtion.

Her single ‘OH I’ will be released on the 13th July.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the talented singer, for a quick chat, about her music, ambitions, and the music industry.

 When did you first realise you could sing?

I’ve been singing since the age of 3. So my mum and dad put me into a performing arts school to build up my confidence.

Where was the first time you ever sang in front of people?

The first place I ever performed was in Newham when I was 5.

When did you decide you would like to pursue a career in singing?

From the age of 5 when I won my first gold medal.

What genre of music is your favourite to sing?

I love singing musical theatre & POP!

Would you ever consider entering a show like The X Factor?

Never say never

Do you write all of your own materiel?

I do. I write all of my own material, and I find it really relaxing. Writing songs is away of expressing emotions.

Can you play in musical instruments?

I play guitar and a little bit of piano.

If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?

The industry has been changing and evolving for years you have to move with the times

What is your opinion of free music streaming? Do you think it damages the music industry?

There is positives and negatives with everything in life, its great that music is so available to people however its a shame that the fun of buying CD’s has been lost.

What has been your favourite gig? 

I haven’t got a favourite gig. I love performing everywhere I go. I love meeting new people on the way and every performance is a different experience.

Where would be your dream venue to perform?

I would love to perform at Madison Square Garden in New York. I would also love to perform at Hollywood Palladium. I’ve always wanted to go to LA and to New York

If you could choose anyone who would you choose to collaborate with? 

Well if Michael Jackson was still with us I would of said him. But I would love to collaborate with Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran.

Apart from singing what do you like doing?

I love helping people! I always try my hardest to help at least 5 people a day! No matter how busy I am I try to make time for those that need me. I also enjoy dancing, and relaxing by the beach with my friends.

What would you like to have achieved in ten years time?

I hope to of performed all around the world! To of collaborated with other artists. To of helped loads of people through my music.

You can follow Robyn on Twitter @robynlouregan 



Written by Laura Klonowski

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