EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Ronan Parke

Ronan Parke is back! You might remember the sweet 12-year-old boy who stole the hearts of the nation when he came runner-up on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2011. But now he is all grown up and ready to take on the charts once again.

Since his success on BGT, Ronan recorded a self-titled debut album in 2011 which reached number 22 on The Official UK Album Chart. He also released a number of singles, including a Christmas track in 2012 and a charity single – “Defined” in 2013 for the anti-bullying organisation, Kidscape, which has recently been selected for inclusion in a major Hollywood television show.

And now the 19-year-old is ready to take the world by storm with the release of his brand new single which is set to drop this July and a new LP later this year which has seen Parke writing with songwriters from around the World including New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Canada, France and the UK to create his brilliant new record of original songs.

Here we chat exclusively to Ronan Parke to discuss BGT, new music, future touring plans and more:

Welcome back! So, what have you been up to since you were on BGT?
Thank you! Gosh, where do I start? I was incredibly lucky with my experience during BGT, which afterwards enabled me to travel around the world performing! It was an intense few years, recording my 1st debut album, performing, filming and still studying at school! But no matter what, I managed to continue making music and performing up to now and luckily managed to finish my GCSE’s too! 

You were just a kid when you took part in the show, but is there anything you learned in particular that has helped you become the artist you are today?
I’ve learnt so many things about this industry. I matured a lot through the experiences I had and the main thing I learned was no matter how many people you meet and how much praise and success you have, my family are the most important thing to me and to never forget that.

Looking back are you glad you auditioned so young, or do you feel you should have waited?
I have no regrets. I must say how lucky I feel to have had the experience I had on the show. I am still the young boy who just wanted to share his passion for singing and performing and I had such a great opportunity that I will forever be grateful for. 

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about auditioning for BGT?
Believe in yourself, don’t let anything go to your head and enjoy every single second!

You released music just after BGT and now your back with a new single, and album on the horizon how do you feel your style has altered over the years?
So much! To start, my first album was predominantly covers (except 2) whereas this album is full of original songs and I have had such a huge role in the creative process of these songs. It’s been over 6 years since the release of my 1st album, so naturally the music has matured as I have. I feel incredibly passionate and proud of the music I have made and can’t wait for people to hear it!

How would you describe the overall vibe of your new music?
Fresh, soulful with an element of pop and a few emotional ballads thrown in there (of course)!!

What is the main inspiration behind your new release?
I think I just wanted to create a body of work that I could look back on in thirty years and still love the music I created. It was so important for me whilst making this album for the listener to connect with the songs I was singing.

What can fans expect from your album?
A diverse range of music. The album takes you on a journey and tells you a story, but it’s not just one genre or style because I love so many different genres of music so really wanted it to reflect my love for music.

Do you have any touring plans lined up?
Watch this space! Performing is my true passion so I can’t wait to get back out there performing for my fans!

Now aged 19, what are your long term career plans?
I am really just taking every day as it comes. I don’t like to have too many expectations. I had so many dreams as a 12 year old boy and I was lucky enough to achieve most of them at such a young age. I suppose if I could choose one thing, it would be to still be performing and making music because it truly makes me happy.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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