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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Sagan about his latest track, technique and Cash Cash

The last year has been one hell of a ride for Ukrainian DJ Sagan: he released his most successful original songs to date (“Happiness” and “Boomers”), he received massive support from colleagues like Martin Garrix and Tiesto, and he also got the chance to remix Cash Cash’s smash hit “All My Love”, the latter of which ended up as a fan favorite and sleeper hit.

So it is no wonder that there is no turning back now for him. With his latest release “Need You Too”, Sagan truly fulfills the motto “The Bigger The Better”. For the new track,  the DJ stays close to his roots by effortlessly blending multiple layers of deep and future house into one while also casually throwing in a big drop into the mix. This one was made to be played during a festival. Or at least during your late night party sessions.

To make matters even better, we are proud to tell you that we had the chance to have a lovely chat with the DJ. Sagan exclusively spoke to us about his latest release, his techniques, and whether he prefers cats or dogs (hint: it is neither but the answer will not disappoint you).

Read the interview below:

Hey there! Lovely to meet you! We recently heard your latest track – “Need You Too” and it is amazing! How does it feel to have a brand new song out?

It’s always this extremely cool feeling – you did your best and spent much time and energy on a track and when it finally is out, it’s the moment of ultimate happiness.

How long did it take to put the song together?

It took a couple of hours for the idea to shape in my head and then a couple of weeks to finalize the track.

Your remix of Cash Cash’s “All My Love” is currently getting some serious streaming numbers. What was your main goal when creating it (technique and melody wise)?

I wanted this remix to be emotional and at the same time not to get away from the dance style. I like experiments so I combined Future Bass and today’s beats of Future House in this track – which eventually came out pretty good I think.

How would you personally describe your style?

A few years ago- when Future House was only at the beginning of its popularity- I fell in love with this style as it was something incredibly new to me. So I started to use it in production but at the same time, I was always adding my own bass and beats. I never had doubts that people would feel it and like it one day. And I’m always in search of new inspiration sources that I personally like – that is all about my style.

Which venue or festival (or both) are you dying to play and why?

My answer would be both Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland.  Two different worlds connected by one and the same idea to unite people across the planet with music. I’m determined to play these two in the nearest future!

Which was your favourite venue/festival that you have already played and why?

Last year I played at Dance Valley in the Netherlands and I LOVED it! I also met a lot of artists I’m thinking of collaborating in the future with there.

What is your go-to song when DJing?

Despacito. Just kidding [laughs] It’s my track ‘Happiness’ which always bombs the dancefloors.

With which artist would you love to collaborate with?

Oh, I have so many artists on my list! But the main goal would be to do a collab with Steve Angello as he has been my favorite since I started producing 11 years ago.

We always like to get know artists by asking them about their favourite music at the moment. If we asked you to create a playlist for us with your five favourite tracks, which would they be?

DJ Snake – ‘Magenta Riddim’
Don Diablo – ‘Found You’
Jamie XX – ‘Loud Places’
The Chainsmokers – ‘Everybody Hates Me’
Valentino Khan – ‘Lick It’

Are you more of a dog or a cat person (or something totally different)?

Never really thought of it, but I guess I would go for a dragon [laughs]

And finally: what else does 2018 have in store for you?

2018 is going to be the best year of my career I think! A lot of tracks have already been scheduled for release and I keep touring worldwide – it keeps me motivated to do more and more for people who like my music. Among other plans, I’m launching my own radio show this autumn and other interesting projects, so stay tuned!

Thanks for the lovely chat.

Go check out Sagan’s latest track “Need You Too”. It is available for purchase and streaming on the digital platforms and services of your choice since last Friday.

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