Exclusive: Interview with singer/songwriter MacKenzie Bourg

MacKenzie Bourg stole our hearts when he participated in American Idol. Much like Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes, Bourg might seem to be a boy with a guitar but he is much more. With the vocal ability to sing a variety of genres and a hunger to experiment with different styles, Bourg is an artist to watch. He was placed 4th in the competition but his elimination hasn’t affected his popularity. Instead, it has soared. Bourg’s songs “Roses” and “Heartbeat” received a positive response from fans and now we are expecting the same for his new single.

Recently, the singer/songwriter released an upbeat single called “Playlove”. CelebMix talked to Bourg about his new track, his journey so far, and much more. Check out the complete interview below:

What really started the musical journey for you?

My brother started to play electric guitar in high school and it really interested me. I wasn’t anywhere near as good as him at guitar so I tried to help my cause by singing along to some open chords. It didn’t sound very good at first but we made it this far so I’ll take it.

Also, has your perception towards your art changed over the period of time or has there been a definite objective as a singer/songwriter?

Absolutely. I think when I first started to get some notoriety I was really trying to just make songs and not thinking about what I wanted to say and how I wanted them to sound. The reason I feel like I’m so delicate with this new music is that for me this really is art that I’m releasing to get torn down or hopefully built up by the listeners.

You had some big moments on American Idol including a duet with Lauren that no one expected. Did the show help you discover different aspects of your artistry?

I’m not sure if it really allowed me to discover different aspects, but it did let me really discover who I was as a musician and an artist because there are so many chances to go so many ways so it really focused me to stick to who I am.

“Roses” gave us a glimpse of your potential as a songwriter. Even today, it’s the fans’ favorite. We would like to know about Mackenzie, the songwriter. What kind of process do you tend to follow to create your tracks?

I’m all over the place as a writer. Some days I’ll write a song in five minutes on the balcony, other days I’m 6 hours into a studio session and we’ve got just a verse. With anything in life, it takes practice, so you grow to appreciate even the bad songs that let to the great songs.

Congratulations on “Playlove”. Compared to the previously released tracks including “Heartbeat”, the song is quite upbeat. Please tell us a bit about the single.

Thanks! There’s a lot of really awesome sounds in “Playlove,” and I think we wanted to have something that kind of moved a little bit while also letting me play electric guitar to keep it true to me. To me “Playlove” is the perfect jump-off for the wave of music coming out.

We would like to know the creative process that went behind making the song. Also, can we expect a music video?

I did “Playlove” with The Monarch and Rollo Spreckley. We actually had started on a completely different song that day and then after about an hour started over and came up with the single in about an hour. Weird how that happens sometimes! And YES! The music video is so cool. Chase Tarca and I shot it in Joshua Tree just the two of us. Can’t wait to release it.

The song was released on 6th August. So, how has been the response so far? Are you satisfied?

I feel like I’m my own worst critic. For me, it’s all about finding ways to remind myself that I’m on the right track.

While pop is the genre you have been using to create the tracks, do you plan to experiment with different styles in the future or have you finally discovered your sound?

I really admire Bon Iver and what he’s done throughout his career. I think pop music is getting weirder and I’m all for it.

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavors?

Recently, I have signed with an acting agency and have had some huge auditions. Booked my first test pilot, so I feel like I’ve got something to really give me the confidence to keep it going.

Lastly, do you have any message for your fans?

Thanks to everyone that believes in me. Whether you’ve been on the journey with me for a while or you’re just beginning I appreciate every one of you and won’t let you down. Even though the songs’ been getting such an exciting reaction from my fans around the world, I feel like I’m still my own worst critic. For me, it’s all about finding ways to remind myself that I’m on the right track.

Playlove is out now. You can stream the single on all the music streaming platforms.

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