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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Sophia Scott

Sophia Scott is an exciting LA based country-pop crossover artist whose new single ‘She Ain’t Me’ is out now.

Scott is most famous for her popular bedroom covers series on YouTube, having gained more than 1.2 millions views for an acoustic rendition of Rihanna’s “Love On The Brain” back in 2016. The singer has since shaken up the independent music scene with her soaring vocals and soothing melodies.

Here we speak exclusively to Sophia Scott to discuss her new single, Country music scene, future plans and more:

How excited are you about the release of your new single ‘She Ain’t Me’?

I am extremely stoked about this song! It’s been very close to my heart for some time and I’ve been so anxious for everyone to hear it.

What inspired this song?

I had a note in my phone forever that said “perfect ain’t as perfect as it seems.” We were in the studio talking about the book “gone girl” and this facade that a lot of women put on that the author refers to as “the cool girl.” I related to this a lot in the sense that I am basically the opposite of the “cool girl.” I am argumentative, passionate, stubborn, and I definitely speak my mind. There is so much irony in wanting something, but realizing in the end it isn’t what you actually need. I wanted the song to talk about the “perfect” girl who doesn’t argue, she’s never cynical, she’s agreeable, beautiful, and perfect on paper, but going back to that line, “perfect ain’t as perfect as it seems.” In the end while this girl may be ‘perfect’ in all these other ways, she isn’t me; she isn’t that little bit of crazy that you need.  

How did you approach the writing process for the track?

I thought about the stereotypical “perfect girlfriend.” Then I thought about how an ex would use these ‘amazing’ qualities against me as all the things that I’m not or that I wasn’t in our relationship. AKA, not only is she gorgeous, but she doesn’t fight with me, she’s not a bitch, she’s not cynical; she’s not difficult to be with. However, as he’s using all these things against me, I wanted the listener to know, I’m okay with all of that, because while he’s telling me how perfect his life is, I know this guy, and I know he needs a challenge. In the end I’m okay with he and his new chick, because I know she’s not me. 

What do you hope fans take from the song?

Since the song came out, I have been so pleasantly surprised at all of the personal messages I have received from women and men about what this song means to them. I don’t want to say what I want each person to feel, because the beauty of any song is that it should cater to the listeners personal emotions. However, my hope would be that everyone can feel a little bit better from this song if they’re dealing with anything similar and be confident in who they are no matter what happened in their relationship.  

Can we expect an album from you soon?

I am hoping for an EP in 2019! We’ll see about an album, I’m working and writing a lot, so soon enough. 

Where do you see your music fitting into the current Country scene?

Country music is at such a cool place right now in my opinion. It is consistently transforming and the genre bends in many directions which is great for the music I’m working on. The most recent songs I’ve written have a Southern funk vibe, and I’m really excited to explore that sound even more.

The Country scene is growing rapidly in the UK are there any British Country inspired acts you’d like to work with?

There’s an artist named Sasha McVeigh who has a song out called, “When I’m Over You” which I love. Would be great to write with her.

Can fans expect to see you touring soon?

Yes! Hopefully early 2019 will announce some upcoming tour dates.

Looking ahead what are your long term career goals?

I want to write with more people that inspire me, I want to explore different sounds and ultimately create an album that is 100% from my heart. I want to tour and open up for someone that I admire, and then one day hope to headline my own tour. Playing live is such a rush, it’s the moments I have on stage where I know this is what I should be doing. I want to create music that really speaks to people and be a voice that people look up to and respect.

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