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Consisting of Trevor who grew up in Los Angeles gigging with metal bands, Linus who grew up in Manhattan playing the jazz guitar, and Kyle from Dallas – who was inspired to start DJing when he went to Sweden and fell in love with dance music – TELYKast is a mixture of both geographical and musical backgrounds.

Constantly in a creative mindset, they create high energy pop exclusively made with organic instruments. The hyped group has sold out every live show that they’ve played, and with an iconic and innovative live setup consisting of a DJ, a guitarist, and a vocalist – the three musicians blend their various musical influences in a way that’s never been seen on the main stage before.

In an interview with CelebMix, TELYKast talked about their song “Somebody Else”. Released in November, the track is a defiant break-up anthem backed with crunching electric guitars, chest-pounding kick drum and topped with fellow Angeleno JORDY’s distinctive vocals.

The duality of the song is evident in the way the painful narrative is laced with the background music. JORDY’s voice blends with the music so well that one can “visualize” his frustration as the beat drops and he requests his love interest to move on. Check out the interview to learn more about TELYKast and their latest single:

Can you please tell us about your musical journey? How did TELYKast come about and how has the journey been?

TELYKast was started about 5 years ago when myself (Kyle) and Linus were paired as random roommates at the music production school we attended here in Los Angeles called Icon Collective. We both had gone through career ending sports injuries and landed on the music path because of them. From day 1 of living together we just clicked and worked on everything together and it slowly evolved into us eventually doing the project together. About 2 years into us being out in LA, Linus met Trevor at a studio he happen to be working at and we all really kicked it off. Trevor was one of the first people we really met who had a similar vision to what we wanted to do with the TELYKast project and live performance in really pushing the boundaries. We announced him onto the project as the 3rd member a little over a year ago and have been rolling strong ever since!

We have read that you wish to push the boundaries of electronic music through live instrumentation. Can you please elaborate a bit on it?

Yes, one of the things we take strong pride in is the fact that if you are doing an artist project you should really strive to do things that haven’t been done before as opposed to just doing what others have done. For us our vision is combining the high energy mainstage electronic show with live accents to really bring the experience to another level. Trevor and Linus both play guitar in our shows and we also are working on getting drum pads and lots of cool stuff as we continue to really develop the live act we have in our heads.

Congratulations for your new single “Somebody Else”. Please tell our readers about the single.

‘Somebody Else’ was born when the very talented singer/songwriter duo Hicari sent us the original demo. Right when we heard it we knew it was something special. We wanted to make it sound huge with big guitar power chords, a soaring lead, and massive drums. When our good friend JORDY came in and sang his heart out everything came together into what you hear today. We hope everyone enjoys this record, it’s definitely one of our favourites we’ve done!

It’s a sad song but it’s digestible, thanks to the way it has been arranged and produced. What kind of creative process did you guys go through for this single?

We came up with production sitting on our couch messing around with samples we had made. We were really focusing on holding off on drums until the hook because we knew the rhythm of the drums when they did come in, were super “hooky”.

We were also playing around with using different counter melodies that were hard panned in the harmonic bed of the verses to add a depth and tastefulness, that would keep the listener engaged without the presence of drums.

We then went to the studio with Cole Nystrom and tracked guitars out of one of our signature/custom guitar pedal boards, and a plethora of amps to create the epicness you hear in the hook.

We would like to learn about your collaboration with JORDY.

We were introduced to JORDY actually through our manager who is friends with his manager. We had actually been looking for someone to record and cut ‘Somebody Else’ so it was perfect timing. He’s such a talented singer and working with him was a pleasure and something we really enjoyed.

Since “Break Your Heart” till “Somebody Else”, how do you perceive your evolution as artists?

In the five years we have been working on music together we have gone through so many different evolutionary steps. Some of the music we have never released sounds like some of the current music you hear today on Spotify. We have been pushed hard by our team as well as ourselves these last few months to take another evolutionary step creatively, accumulating everything we have picked up along the way into a forward thinking cohesive body of work we have put our utmost sincerity into.

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavours?

Moving forward we have just been in wrap up mode finishing tons of new music for 2019. We have some things we are really excited about and can’t wait to show you guys – In 2019 you can expect a ton of new music, some really big collaborations, and finally live shows with a crazy production!

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