EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Thompson Square

Thompson Square are an incredibly exciting Grammy nominated husband and wife duo consisting of Keifer and Shawna Thompson. Last year they had a stellar 12 months with the release of their third album ‘Masterpiece’ and the hit ‘Millionaires’ becoming the soundtrack to Netflix’s The Ranch.

Here we speak exclusively to the duo to discuss their journey, 2019 plans, 2018 and much more:

How would you sum up your journey so far?
Wow! Our life journey might take awhile but our journey over the past 10 years has been nothing like we’ve ever expected but everything we dreamed. All the ups and downs, achievements, disappointments, unpredictable turns and dead ends have led us to the wonderfully crazy place we are now. We’re parents of an amazing 3 year old boy named Cooper, we have discovered what it means to be artists again with this new found creative freedom and we’re just happy again. This 3rd album, Masterpiece, is something we’ve longed to do for several years. To create an album that was entirely us. From the songs to the production choices and everything in between. It’s all Thompson Square. It has been awhile coming but we couldn’t be more proud of it. We also wrote our first children’s book last year called “Time To Get Dressed” which was extremely organic in it’s creation. I was just making up a song as I was dressing Cooper one morning and the next thing we knew it was a song then a book. We’re looking forward to writing more of these in the future. It’s so much fun.W

What was it like having your track chosen for the Netflix series The Ranch?

Wow! That was just cool. Again that was just another one of those things that just happened. It’s always cool to be watching a film or TV and hear one of your songs on there. It never gets old. It’s something we’re very proud of.

How has that exposure helped your career?

Well those things are hard to quantify but we had a ton of fans reach out in congratulations. They pay attention and we love them for it. Their support is always appreciated.

How do you feel being husband and wife affects your creative output?

There’s really nothing else like us out there. Being married before we were signed and throughout our entire career has been different and original by default. We love each other so much and when we sing together and to each other I think that comes out for the whole world to see and that’s one of the reasons why our fans come to our shows. It’s like a peek into our private life right there on stage.

What’s an average writing session like for you guys?

When we write together we usually have a third person there to keep us from arguing too much. But there really is no set way that we write. It’s different all the time. Usually it starts with an idea or a musical hook or groove that takes us down an unexplored path and if we’re lucky we find our way out in the end. I love the writing process because you’re creating something that wasn’t in the universe yesterday and that’s really important to me.

What has been your favorite song to work on over the years?

Honestly “Masterpiece”, the title track to our new record. I love and am thankful for all of our hits that we’ve written but this song is extra special to me because it’s about our son Cooper. I have to be careful when we’re singing it because I can easily get lost in the lyric and my emotions can get the better of me especially if he’s sitting on the side of the stage.

What can fans expect from over the course of the next several years?

Hopefully so many different projects that they won’t be able to keep up haha. The main thing they can expect is for us to always show up and give our very best at every show and to be at 100% when creating new projects and to never ever ever ever ever ever give up.

And What are you hoping to achieve over the course of 2019?

Many things are going to be announced this year. New music projects, new books possibly and a ton of touring. One thing we’re looking forward to most in playing overseas. So this is going to be a big check on the bucket list.

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