EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Tinx

Tinx is a really exciting rising musician who also has a successful career as a model. She has recently shared her latest single ‘FMLU’ and is all set to take the world by storm with her unique brand of pop.

Here we speak exclusively to Tinx to discuss her new single, musical inspirations, modelling, future plans and more:


Growing up who inspired your love of music?
I grew up listening to a big variety of music and Sweden has a history of some great pop artists. Vocally one of my biggest influences would be Demi Lovato, I used to sing along to ‘Skyscraper’ and practice so hard to reach those screechy high notes! I also use to know all of Britney Spears’ songs, the Blackout era still sounds so good! My first concert ever was her Circus tour.  

How would you describe the overall vibe of your own music to new listeners?
I’d say it’s dark pop with big drops. I like to often go in depth with the lyrics but then have a sick drop and chorus to compliment it. 

You’ve recently released your new single FMLU, can you talk us through the inspiration behind the track?
‘FMLU’ is about a girl wanting a guy who she knows is a fuck boy. We have all experienced wanting someone who you know isn’t right for you but still go for it and they just end up fucking your life up.

What do you hope fans take from the single?
I want to share my experiences, feelings and situations with other people through my music because I know I’m not the only one going through these things, they’re not alone.
If I can somehow inspire other women to be strong and help them in some way live their lives I will be extremely happy that I can help. For me music is like poetry but in song and I love poetry especially Rupi Kaur, her poems taught me so much, they’re so relatable. I hope I can do the same with my lyrics and music. 

You’ve also shared the official video, how important do you feel visuals are to the success of a single release?
I think visuals are very important as you’re not only sharing your music but people get to see the story for themselves, hopefully it’ll help them understand the song and it’s message better. I’m so happy I got to shoot my first video with a bunch of my friends, though the house did get trashed.

Along with music, you also do modelling, how do you balance both careers?
To be honest, I mainly focus on my music now. I used to be more invested in modelling as a side job, it was a means to an end as it helped pay the bills along with other jobs such as waitressing.

How do you feel both jobs link into each other?
Modelling helped me be more comfortable in front of the camera but also made me more aware of what I look like on screen which is a good thing but on the flip side it highlighted some insecurities that I’m still dealing with. There’s a ying and yang to everything. 

What else can we expect from you this year?
A full EP along with live shows very soon!! I’m super excited and been waiting for this for a very long time. Hopefully my current fans and new fans will like the music that is yet to come! Keep your ears and eyes open :)

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