Exclusive: Interview with Tonya Banks

Tonya Banks is a great example to anyone who wishes to create their own mark in any industry they want to work in. As an actor who is currently working in the series “Little Women: LA”, Banks has been leaving her imprint on people through her brilliant delivery.

But she is much more than an artist.

Banks is an entrepreneur with her own clothing and wine line. As a female entrepreneur, she has created her own athletic clothing line called “Boss Body.” Nowadays she’s expanding her empire by venturing into wine where she created her own red blend combing 48% Merlot, 32% Syrah, and a 23% Zinfandel called “L’Tonya Renee.”

In an interview with CelebMix, Tonya Banks talked about her journey and her future endeavours. Check out the complete interview below:

Tonya, you are not new to industry. But we would like to know how did your remarkable
journey as an artist start? Also, how has it been so far?

I was always interested in becoming an actress and working in the entertainment field. However, I found out about Little People of America from one the Genetic doctors that specialized in dwarfism. After joining the organization, a casting company contacted LPA in search of a African America female little person and I was offered a position on a sitcom and after that, one thing led to another. So far it’s been very rewarding and prosperous.

On your website, it’s stated that you wish to be first little black woman to win an academy award. Please tell us a bit about your goals in life.

I would love to do an action pact film, where I perform all of my own stunts. I would also like to get into producing and direction my own films one day.

As an artist, which moments have been the highlight of your career? Also, what kind of
challenges did you face to reach the level of success you have been able to achieve?

One of my biggest highlights, was when I saw myself on an actual billboard in Hollywood.  Back then, there were limited roles for little women of color.

How has been your experience in terms of working on Little Women: LA?

So far it’s been a great experience working on Little woman LA. However, there’s always pros and cons with any job or career. For one your life becomes an open book and you’re constantly under the radar being judged.

Please tell us a bit about the new season.

I can tell you this much, season 8 will bring a lot of challenges and changes. So stay tune!

Apart from being an artist, you are also an entrepreneur. What motivated you to embark on the journey as an entrepreneur?

Actually my father inspired me, because he was an entrepreneur and owned several businesses. Therefore, I guess it’s just in my blood.

What kind of differences and similarities have you encountered in terms of work and
personality between working as an artist and as an entrepreneur?

As an artist, I’m a little more passive because I’m working on their time and under their terms. However, as an entrepreneur, I’m more assertive, working on my time and on my terms.

Please tell us about your clothing line Boss Body.

I enjoy working out. However, it was very difficult to find athletic wear that fit me. Therefore I came up with the idea to create an active wear that fit all shapes, sizes and heights, so no one would feel left out. My slogan is “Bosses Come in all Sizes”.

We have read that you will soon be revealing your new wine line. We would like to know
about it.

I decided to come out with a red wine, that wasn’t dry or too sweet, that would compliment everyone’s pallet. It’s a red blend, that contains Merlot, Syrah and Zinfandel. It’s called  “L’Tonya Renee”.

Tonya, you are an inspirational woman. Today, a lot of people fear failure which stops them from working on their dreams. What advice would you like to give to them?

Fear is the enemy of faith. Therefore, have faith in yourself, follow yours dreams and do not allow anyone to discourage you.

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavours?

I will be starring in a play called “Roxy” my character name is Brewster and that will premier in February 2019. I will also be launching a new white wine soon!

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