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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Why Don’t We

Why Don’t We (abbreviated to WDW) are an American pop boyband, that began on September 27, 2016. The group consists of Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery and Zach Herron. The 5 boys had previously recorded as solo artists until they became better friends and decided to create a band.

We were invited to interview the band and ask them some questions to get to know them more.

Hey guys, Thank you so much for giving CelebMix this interview. We know you’ve just finished the U.K leg of the Invitation Tour.

How has tour been so far?

Jonah: It’s been really good.

Daniel: We don’t sleep a lot and it’s always nice after a show to crash on the bus.

Jack: I sleep by day, I work at night.

What has been your favourite memory from the tour so far?

Daniel: Probably the London show. It was loud and big and I never thought we’d do a London show so that was crazy.

Jack: Yeah probably London, that was my favourite show.

Corbyn: London and Dublin have been my two favourites so far, I can’t pick between them.

What is your favourite thing about performing?

Jack: Honestly for me, I love when fans scream as loud as they can. The louder it is the more energy we have.

Jonah: It’s cool to see the joy and excitement in the fans faces because they’ve listened to the music so to actually see them there and see them enjoying it.

Zach: Personally it’s them singing back our music. They know all the lyrics especially in places like Europe and some of them don’t even know much English and they are singing our music.

Daniel: The carelessness of everyone in the room that night because it almost even shoots back at us and when you’re on stage you don’t feel nervous because everyone is there to have fun not to judge.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve signed?

Corbyn: A forehead.

Jack: I’ve signed shoes before.

If you could only sing one song for ever what would it be?

Jonah: Cotton Eyed Joe.

Daniel: Cotton Eyed Joe.

all break into song

Jack: Baby by Justin Bieber.

Zach: September by Earth Wind and Fire.

Can we expect any new music soon?

Jonah: Of course, yes you can.

Daniel: Yes.

Jonah: Stay tuned.

What are some personal goals you want to achieve this year?

Daniel: I want to be 6ft.

Corbyn: I want to try and gain some muscle weight.

Zach: I feel like we have a lot of the same goals.

Jonah: I want to have more of a routine, it’s difficult on tour.

I know tour is not over yet but are you planning another tour or coming to the UK again anytime soon?

Jonah: We very well could be.

If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Corbyn: Drake would be sick.

Jack: A$AP Rocky.

Jonah: I think the best collaboration we could do is Why Don’t We featuring Michael Jackson and Prince.

Zach: Ty Dolla $ign.

My favourite lyric from one of your songs is ‘sky so clear when you’re the view’,

I like the clarity of the sentence and that when you’re with the right person nothing else is too big, what is your favourite lyric and why?

Jack: I like all the lyrics in our song ‘Runner’, they are such powerful lyrics.

Corbyn: ‘When you dream I hope that you will dream of me’.

My mum has always taught me to be brave, kind, smile through everything and always be humble, what is one thing your parents or a close relative have said to you that you’ve kept with you and continued to live by?

Jack: My mum taught me that as well. One of the main things is to stay humble and spread happiness to everybody.

Corbyn: I have two words that I put in all my bios which is ‘Be You’. I think that’s super important for your own sanity and just to always be yourself and not worry about the outside.

Daniel: My parents are a really good example of being helpful and helping others and to love your neighbour as yourself.

Jonah: My parents always told me you can follow your dreams and to always believe in yourself.

Your fans attend meet and greets so they can meet you guys but if you were in their position, who would you do a meet and greet with and why?

Corbyn: Elon Musk.

Jack: A$AP Rocky, I want him to teach me his ways of style.

Daniel: Jon Billion and pick apart his brain.

Jonah: Paul McCartney.

East Coast or West Coast?

(ALL): West Coast.

If you could create an ice cream flavour what would it be?

Daniel: Botanical Garden.

Jack: Guitar.

Corbyn: Dirty shoe flavour.

Zach: Dirty sock flavour.

Jonah: Rainbow sherbet multiplied, three times the flavour.

Zach: Oh fruity pebble flavour.

Corbyn: What about cloud flavour?

Jack: It would be like eating turbulence.

If you were a superhero what would your superpower be? 

Corbyn: Shape shifting.

Jonah: Invisibility.

Daniel: Flying, I would just want to fly.

Jack: When you’re a shape shifter can you fly?

Corbyn: You can change into an eagle, I could fly out the window.

Zach: I just wanna be invisible.

I think I would time travel

Jack: Actually I would do that, you could go back to the days of The Beatles.

Daniel: You could also teleport.

Favourite homecooked meal?

Daniel: My mum’s Fettuccine.

Corbyn: My Mum’s Fettuccine Alfredo.

Jonah: Swedish pancakes.

Zach: My mum’s pizza.

Favourite pair of trainers:

Corbyn: My Gucci’s.

Daniel: My Adidas.

Jack: My Gucci shoes.

Zach: Yeah, my Gucci shoes.

Best Pickup Line: 

Jonah: Are you a beaver cos dam.

Daniel: Feel this… It’s boyfriend material.

Corbyn: Are you a wind turbine because you’re saving my energy.

What would your catchphrase be?

Jack: Dang you’re good at life.

Corbyn: I wonder…

Jonah: To infinity and beyond.

Daniel: Life is like a box of chocolates. I don’t like chocolate.

What is your favourite film?

Daniel: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Jonah: Almost Famous.

Jack: Interstellar.

Corbyn: Avatar, the original one.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Corbyn: Everytime I load the epic games launcher, I’m like here I go again. Fortnite is already loading, I’ve got to play.

Jack: Getting tattoos is my guilty pleasure.

Jonah: Coffee, I just love Coffee so much.

Zach: I have a lot of guilty pleasures.

Thank you so much Why Don’t We, that was an amazing interview and we hope to see you again very soon. Good luck with all your future plans!


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