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Today, a lot of young artists are influencing people with their music. Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes serve as the best examples. There is a zeal in these artists to express the mood of their generation and at the same time, influence it through their singles. One such artist is Will Muse. The singer/songwriter has just begun his musical journey but his sensibility and perception towards his art go way beyond his age. The singer recently released his single “I Can Change” and is now working to release his first record.

CelebMix talked to Muse about music, his goals as an artist and his single “I Can Change”. Check out the complete interview below:

1. Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

My name is Will Muse. I am from Somerset, KY. I am 15 years old and recently completed my freshman year of high school, with a 4.2 GPA. I started working with PCG Universal in Nashville, TN in September 2017. Over the past nine months, I have been blessed to work with some of the best in the music industry. In February of his year, I released my first single “I Can Change”. The official music video received over 1 million views on Facebook. I finished recording my first record in May of this year. It will be released in the upcoming weeks.

In 2017, I wanted to use my music to give back to my community. I developed Music for Wishes, a Make a Wish Foundation fundraiser. Music for Wishes is an annual concert that includes dinner and silent auction that raises money to help grant wishes for children with critical and life-threatening illnesses. With the help of my supportive community, family and amazing volunteers, I have raised over $50,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation since it’s inception in 2017. I hope this event continues to grow, year after year.

2. How did your journey as an artist begin? How has it been so far?

When I was 5 years old, I started playing guitar. I began playing the piano when I was 6. When I was about 11 years old, I decided that I wanted to sing in my school talent show. It was my first vocal performance and it was in front of my entire school. At 13, I won a competitive audition for one of the premier music festivals in KY- the Master Musicians Festival in my hometown of Somerset. I opened for the Friday night headliner- Robert Randolph and the Family Band in front of a very large crowd. In the past, the Master Musicians Festival has featured well-known artists like Counting Crows, Willie Nelson, and Dwight Yoakam. After a successful performance at the MMF, I began to receive more performance opportunities which allowed me to take my music to the next level.

So far, it has been a great journey. I have developed and progressed so much as an artist and a songwriter.

3. Considering that you have just started your journey in the industry, what kind of goals and expectations do you have in terms of music and your audience?

I would really like to make music that reaches and makes a connection with my audience. I want to continue to grow as an artist, and hopefully, as I grow, my ability to give back to others will also grow. My ultimate goal is to establish myself as a well-known artist.

I hope to be able to write songs that touch lives and connect with people.

If I’m able to be successful in doing that, hopefully, a record deal would follow.

4. When we listened to your song, we found a certain level of “sensibility” and “sensitivity” in your music. How do perceive your art and what kind of creative process do you go through to create your songs?

I perceive my art as something that can be relative to many people in many different situations. I usually try to find something I can write about that can make connections with others. As a musician, schooled in both piano and guitar, I usually compose the music and melody first, then I will work lyrically from a concept.

5. Do you have any favorite singer and songwriter who you look up to?

I have been influenced by many different musicians. Some of my favorite are Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, Prince, and The Beatles. These artists were great singers and songwriters and their music is still very relevant today.

6. A few months back, you released “I Can Change” and it seems that the reception has been great for the song. Please tell us a bit about your single.

I was inspired to create the concept for my single “I Can Change” based on the turmoil and conflict in our world. It was more of a universal theme that anyone can change if they commit to the process and if they have someone to support and believe in them. This song can be meaningful to many people in many different situations. The first time I performed this song live, a member of the audience came up to me after the show in tears and told me how touched they were by the message in the song and how they felt a connection to the song. There is nothing more rewarding as an artist than when your work touches someone on a deep emotional level.

7. When we listened to the single, we could not categorize it as a particular type of song (thematically) as “I can change” resonates with listeners on different levels (lovers/siblings/friends). This actually adds up to its beauty. How did you come up with the theme for the song?

The theme is more of a universal concept, inspired by turmoil in our world. Anyone has the potential to change, especially if they have someone to believe in them. This concept can be relevant to anyone experiencing difficulty or conflict in their life.

8. We would like to talk about the music video for the single. The video shows you playing the song on piano while the “spectators” watch your performance. What concept/narrative were you trying to put forth in front of the audience?

The video was shot by Patrick Tohill at the House of Blues Recording Studio in Nashville. It is more of a performance video with a story to be interpreted by the viewer. One of the spectators in the video is Bernard Porter, the president of PCG Universal. He has been a great music mentor to me and a guiding force in my music career.

The female in my video is a model from my hometown- Lindsey Horn. We felt she was perfect to convey emotion and an element of mystery that we were striving for in the video.

Also, if you look closely you will catch a glimpse of my favorite Les Paul guitar in the background of the video. I started playing it at a very young age and I wanted it to make an appearance to symbolize my love for the electric guitar.

9. Today, a lot of young artists are making their mark in the music industry including Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. How do you feel about it?

I think that it is great for young people to make their mark in the music industry. It is always cool to see the evolution of the next generation of music. There are artists of the past, present, and future. Young artists represent the future and will hopefully inspire and impact people for years to come.

10. Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavors?

I have my very first record coming out in the upcoming weeks. It was produced by Britton Cameron, who did an amazing job. He is a gifted and talented musician, songwriter, and producer. We had a great time working together and I’m very excited about the finished product. We will also be shooting a video for one of my new songs.

“I Can Change” is an interesting song and Will Muse has definitely become an artist to watch. Did you like the single? Share your thoughts via tweet @CelebMix.

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