EXCLUSIVE: Interview With X Factor Favourites Reggie ‘N’ Bollie

The last time we caught up with rap duo Reggie ‘N’ Bollie they had just left Simon Cowell’s record label Syco and had launched their own label F.R.O.D Music. Now we catch up with the pair following the release of their first independent single ‘This Is The Life‘.

Here Reggie ‘N’ Bollie talk to us exclusively about their new single, debut album, tour, and lots more.

Your new single ‘This Is The Life’ was played on BBC 1Xtra, how did that major radio play come about?
It was quite unexpected and a big surprise to us as our Radio Team submitted it to the BBC 1Xtra team for consideration but little did we know they were going to give it a whole 7 minutes’ feature on Charlie Sloth’s show. We are very grateful to the Radio 1Xtra team and Charlie Sloth.  

The track has a different vibe to your previous releases ‘New Girl’ and ‘Link Up‘ , do you now feel free to pursue your true musical style?
Yes, we now feel very free to do the kind of music that truly represents us. Often times we get caught up as artists to try and do music that targets the charts or the commercial markets but then you end up losing your true identity and authenticity. We have come to the realisation that to be successful at what you do, you first have to be who you truly are and then people will accept you, support you and connect with you on a deeper level not just a hit song. 

It feels like you have gone back to your roots with ‘This Is The Life’, is that what it feel like for you two as well?
Yes, we have gone to the very foundations of our musical roots and that has given us the confidence to be fully happy with ourselves and what we create as artists.
The blend of Dancehall and Afrobeats makes for an awesome track, can fans expect more music like this on you debut album?
Our album is going to be very eclectic and a lot of people and our fans are going to be very surprised at the different styles of music we can actually do. There will be songs that have the Dancehall and Afrobeats vibe and songs that will speak to the hearts and minds of our fans. We can’t wait for everyone to hear this album.  

When can fans expect your debut LP to be released?
Very soon, definitely by this summer.

Do you feel more creatively free now you are releasing music through your own label?
Yes, creatively we feel very free to release music through our own label ‘F.R.O.D Music’. The pressure of pleasing label executives who didn’t really connect well with us is gone and all we have now is our freedom to explore our talents and take important business decisions that favour us and our fans. The joy we feel everyday waking up to do everything that makes us happy cannot be quantified. 

What was the inspiration behind ‘This Is The Life’?
‘This Is The Life’ was inspired by all the challenges we have faced in our lives and careers and the fact that it all worked in our favour after we refused to give up on ourselves. We wanted to do a song that spoke positivity into the lives of our fans and we’re glad they have accepted the song so well.

You have a fanbase that spans many continents, can we expect a world tour from you soon?
We can’t wait to embark on a world tour to meet and connect with all our numerous fans across the globe. Hopefully not too long after the release of our album. 
Looking back over the past year or so what has been the most important lesson you have learnt since your time on X Factor?
To never under estimate the little opportunities you get because they can completely change your life in the long run and also never give up even when it all seems lost. 

What are you hoping to achieve this year?
We are hoping to release our album, embark on our own tour and be extremely successful in our careers as artists and also give back to society by supporting some charities.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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