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EXCLUSIVE Interview: X Factor’s United Vibe talk life on the show

United Vibe is a boyband currently competing to win this years X Factor.

We recently got a chance to have a quick chat with them about the show and the future of the band once the show finishes.

The band is made up of Blaise, Elliot Jon, Jack and Keiran they all aged between 16-21, United Vibe was created just two days before the Six Chair Challenge round. Each member auditioned as a solo artist, before being put in the band.  Both Jack and Keiran’s first auditions in front of the judges have yet to air on the show.

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We start by asking them about coming together as a band. They all answer at once and all say the same: “It was definitely an immediate decision to [join the band].” “On your first audition, you always think the worst. You don’t know what you going to end up with. ” It was literally the best feeling in the world., We were best friends straight away.”

As a group they are tight-knit, clearly enjoying their time on the show and spending time with each other. “Everyone just came to mine and Elliot’s room to rehearse, they literally lived there with us. says Jack. “It was a smelly mess though, he laughs. “No that was just the state of your room”, the other lads tease.

Now they are living all together in the X Factor house with the other contestants. ” We all like old married couples living in this room” Jack laughs.

“Everyone in the house is like one big family and that really helps as the biggest thing in this whole scenario is everyone needs support and we are all working towards the same dream. So there is a lot of mutual respect for each other and a whole lot of love.”

The band has been getting compared to X Factor alumni One Direction as they started their own careers the same way. And with 1D member Louis on the panel, and their mentor being Robbie Williams who found fame in Take That, have they been given any advice by them?

“Robbie has been so hands on since we were put together. Both Robbie and Louis are very similar they know what they are talking about. Louis said when we’ve spoken to him at the house to just have fun with it and have the best time which is exactly what we are having Robbie is literally the best he gives us so much advice.”

Their families have been equally as supportive of them. “There reaction was crazy.” “We all did a big reveal day at Elliot’s house,” says Blaise. ”

“We literally had all of our families there, there were about 60 people. My little brother was there, he’s 1. When the news came out and everyone screamed. He got a bit scared.”

“We went in and was all acting dead like mardy and then camera crew asked us if we could go back outside and come back in again. So we pretended to be all like down and a bit moody. Trying to play it up. They were nervous wrecks. And we basically copied what Robbie had said. “It’s not good news guys, we left it a minute and they were like its incredible news. Then they all went mental. It was the best thing.”

Jack feels only way the day could have been more amazing is if Jon’s Mum had brought some chicken. “Jon’s Mam makes the best chicken.” He says.

United Vibe plans to stay together after X Factor. They are dreaming big. ” We’d love to sell out Wembley or the o2.” Or Madison Square Gardens” says Jon. But plans for after the show will have to wait as they have to focus on this weeks performance.  “We’ve had some negative comments recently, so we want to take it all on board and show people what we can do. We are going to slow it down a bit this week.”

As we finish talking the boys head back to rehearsals. We are eager to see what they sing on Saturday’s ” Fright Night” show, as United Vibe has had a bit of rough time being compared to the likes of One Direction.  United Vibe, is a band who are just starting out and figuring out who they as a band. And here at CelebMix we can’t wait to see what they do next!

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