EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Ziynet Sali

Ziynet Sali is a singer/songwriter from Manchester, England who has gone on to become Turkey’s biggest superstar. The star will be releasing the official music video for new single ‘Magic’ on the 12th of January in the UK, and here we speak exclusively to Ziynet about her new music, touring plans, Turkish, and British music scenes and much, much more;

You grew up in Manchester, England but your career has taken off in Turkey how did that happen?
Yes I lived in Manchester until ? was 6. My family moved to Cyprus and I continued my education in a Turkish school, but I always wanted to go back to the UK. When I was 16 I visited my aunty in Manchester. I wanted to stay with her and start college but she wasn’t able to take me on as an extra responsibility as she already had a family of her own. Once I was back in Cyprus after I won a music school in Istanbul and moved to Turkey. I received my diploma, my professional music career kicked off. I started to make albums, create hits and perform live shows which helped me become very known in my country. With lots of work and determination this has continued and improved to where I am today.    

How do you feel your mix of nationalities affect the style of your music?
In a completely positive way. Growing up in Cyprus we have English, Greek, Turkish, middle eastern influence and from those I am able to create my own style of music. I feel it makes the sound of my music richer. 

Growing up who inspired your love of music?
To be honest, not anyone specific. The sound that comes from inside me is what inspires me. Although when I was 16 I saw Prince in concert in Manchester and it really had an impact on me and this lasted for days.  

What is the main inspiration behind your new single ‘Magic’?
I believe music is a big energy, and my inspiration is that want to add to this energy by showing more love and good vibes around the world. I want to create new memories by being brave and leaving my comfort zone. I want to develop and achieve more and i hope I can inspire the world to do this also with my music and energy. I was lucky to meet and work with Anthony Marshall my Producer who understands me and magic happened that we hope will inspire the world. Each culture/ nationality has a different style, melody and emotion and being able to mix my Turkish music style international music is a great telling…   

Can fans expect an album from you soon?
Yes they can, I’m always trying to create good songs and music for them.
I would love to, but we have not set any dates yet. I have toured many years in my Zone I can’t wait to bring my concerts around the world 

Will you be touring in Britain anytime soon?
I would love to, but we have not set any dates yet. I have toured many years in my Zone ( Turkey and the neighbors) I can’t wait to bring my concerts around the world. 

If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?
If I had the opportunity I would to be able to sing with Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson. At the moment. I would love to work with Steve Wonder, Ed Sheeran or Justin Timberlake. I admire these artists a lot. 

What do you hope listeners take from your music?
I hope they take good vibes, positive energy, love, happiness and excitement. I hope they can feel the passion belief and determination that I put in to my music. I want everyone to let Magic happen in their lives.  

How do you feel the Turkish and UK music scenes differ?
They are both very different. I think the opportunity for big live shows is very limited in Turkey, where as in UK this is not the case. The style of music is also different, especially the lyric style. Sometimes a very deep Turkish lyric doesn’t have a direct translation in to English. I hope to learn more about the music scene in the UK with the more time I spend there. 

What do you hope to achieve over the next ten years?
Nobody can predict what the future holds. If I’m still alive I hope to still be creating good music and performing for my audience, reaching peoples hearts. I want to continue my social responsibility by helping people. I believe in destiny and God and the fact that you cannot control 100% of your life in 10 years. I wish my story inspires anybody who wants to make magic happen in their lives. 

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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