EXCLUSIVE: Jack and Tim Talk New Single ‘Rise and Fall

Following a successful four-song singles campaign back in the summer of this year, father-son country crossover duo Jack and Tim will this Friday launch a new three-single project which will see them releasing three new tracks in just three weeks.

The new campaign launches on Friday, November 8th with the gorgeous ‘Rise and Fall’. Here we chat exclusively to the Britain’s Got Talent favorites to discuss the single and forthcoming project campaign in further detail.

How excited are you about launching your new single campaign?

Jack Really excited, It’s weird to know people are actually listening to your music, its a great feeling!

Tim.Yeah were releasing another 3 singles in 3 weeks, I could do it like this forever, just keep releasing weekly! Its hard work, as between us we do everything from Write, Perform, Produce Mix and Master! But it gives us an immense sense of pride.

How did you find the response to your summer singles campaign?

TimIt was great! We were thrilled to have been added to not one, but two Spotify Curated Playlists! alongside Huge artists like Ed Sheeran, Little Big Town, James Bay and loads more, Downloads were really strong too. We also had a limited edition run of Signed CDs of “ Thinking About You “printed. They flew off the shelves and posted all over the world which was really exciting. So much so that we will be printing some more Limited Edition Signed Collector CDs on the new material.

What are you hoping fans take away from this particular track?

Jack – I hope they see we can do other things and still be “Jack & Tim“ we like to explore different music, but its still very “ us “

Tim I think it marks a strong evolvement, but the other new singles still show our roots!

What made you choose Rise and Fall as the first track in this campaign?

JackTo be honest we didn’t really have a plan what should go first, but this one is a bit different and we enjoy it so we figure why not?

TimWe had road-tested these on the previous tour and this one had a lot of depth to it, we also thought it would be cool to put something out that shows some diversity… It’s still “Jack & Tim“ though…

Can we expect a music video for this release?

Jack & TimWe would love to, and we have tried to sort videos for all our music, but we have been travelling and performing a lot and missing deadlines.. it’s tough to do everything when you’re totally independent!

What inspired this single?

TimWe tried to express how “highs and Lows” happen in everything…Life / Love /Career/everything is just “Rise & Fall “ rinse and repeat you know? But no matter what you just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other.

JackI really started to like it when we started jamming it with our friend Perry (our keyboard player) that’s when I knew we could make it a good song. I like it, especially the solo part, it’s just cool.

Looking ahead, what else can listeners expect from the upcoming singles?

Jack & TimThe other two we’re really excited about. The second is classic “Jack & Tim“ – acoustic and heartfelt.. and the third is truly uplifting, and the song we open up the tour with, it’s got a great “ Feel Good “ vibe to it.. we can’t wait to tell you all about them!

Can we expect another UK tour off you soon?

JackNot this year, as we have a lot of International shows being booked which is really exciting.

TimYeah, Lots to announce but after our debut show in New York in September, It looks like we will be heading back there soon, and just confirming shows in California, Texas, Canada, Austria, New Zealand and Nashville for Next Year !! We have an awesome Fanbase in the States, we had only touched down in New York for 2 hours before we were recognised by fans, we were stopped nearly every day. On the Subway this lovely lady nearly had a heart attack! It was so funny…

JackEven at the top of the Empire State Building we were having selfies! It was crazy to think people know who you are. It was pretty overwhelming.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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