EXCLUSIVE: Jack and Tim Talk New Single ‘Thinking About You’

Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Golden Buzzer act Jack and Tim return July 26th with their brand new single ‘Thinking About You’. The track is part of the country-pop father-son duo’s 4 Singles 4 Weeks Campaign which will see them sharing a new release once a week over the course of one month.

Here we chat exclusively to the ‘The Lucky Ones’ hitmakers to discuss their new music, forthcoming debut album, writing sessions and more:

What has been the main inspiration behind the new single ‘Thinking About You’?

Jack: We wanted to make something that had an MMBOP feel, we love that song .. something that makes you happy :) I think we did a good job!

The track follows on from The Lucky Ones, how do you feel the sonic sound has developed on the new track?

Tim: Everything we do has a live feel, It’s important to us that the music can be played as a band, so when we produce we always go down the same route with full live instruments, even though this song has some programming sounds included too. The core is still Drums Bass Keys and Guitars Guitars and more guitars LOL.

What are you hoping listeners take away from the track?

Jack & Tim: We hope it makes them feel good, happy, and want to put it on repeat of course!!

The release is part of your 4 singles in 4 weeks campaign, what made you want to launch this campaign?

Tim: We wanted to give something back to our amazing fans, we can’t believe we sill have the support we do! ‘Thinking About You’ was always going to be the next single, but we thought hey! Why not offer some more songs as a thank you, and as we’re independent, we have the freedom to release when possible!

Can you tell us a little about what we can expect from the three upcoming singles after ‘Thinking About You’?

Jack: A couple of different tempos and vibes, hopefully, something for everyone to enjoy!

Thinking About You’ was born out of a recent writing session in Sweden, what was that trip like?

Tim: We had a great time, stayed in a beautiful little hotel in a lovely town called Orebro, we worked with Tim Larrson Tobias & Lindell, an amazing writing and production duo who have written hits for Rascall Flatts , Gabrielle and co-wrote/produced The Shires’ Albums.

Jack: I think we wrote about 3 song ideas there but this one was the standout for us.

Tim: For sure, and most of all we had a great laugh!

Jack: Yeah and Sweden is an amazing country, the meatballs are soo good! LOL. 

The songwriting session also saw you creating music for your forthcoming debut LP, when can fans expect that to drop?

Tim: We are definitely aiming for November time, maybe even earlier, but its kinda hard work, as we have taken on a mammoth task writing producing performing and mixing the whole of the album! Sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming, but we are determined to get this out on time!

 Is there one song in particular that you’re most excited about sharing?

Jack: Thinking About You! I love this one, and we really like playing it live too.

Tim: We both love a song called ‘The Man In The Moon’ It has an old school 6/8 feel to it. We only make music that we like, and we make it for us firstly, we really need to believe in what we’re creating, I think the listening public are pretty good at knowing when you’re being real.

Along with releasing new music, what else can fans expect from you this year?

Jack: We’re doing a lot more TV at the moment, we love that!

Tim: And more shows, Excitingly we have some International Shows booked in New York !! Which we will announce soon and hopefully we’d love to do another short Tour, maybe a School Tour!

Do you have a message for our readers as to why they should check out your musical output?

Jack: I’m super proud of our music, our music is honest, if you like that? Take a listen …please!!

Tim: I’d suggest everyone gives us a listen! Even if it’s out of curiosity, Its a rollercoaster of emotions. You never know you might find yourself dancing in the garden and crying in the kitchen all within the space of 6 minutes! Haha.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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