EXCLUSIVE: Jackie Venson Talks About Her Single, “Witchcraft”

Austin-born, idiosyncratic singer-songwriter Jackie Venson has released her latest single, “Witchcraft,” off of her upcoming album, “JOY.”

Venson is an American singer/songwriter and musician. Enthralled with music since the age of 8, this young singer/songwriter/musician instantly captures your attention with a vibrant musical soul and passionate control of her instruments, that reach far beyond her age. As she mindfully blends Blues, Rock, R&B, Soul and more with her introspective lyrics, the message is clear- when you’re listening to Jackie you hear the “Truth in Music”.

CelebMix chatted with Venson about her recent single and her setting records.

CelebMix: What was the inspiration behi “Witchcraft?”

Jackie Venson: Witchcraft is my anthem to the struggle for women’s rights. As for the recording, my producer, Nick Clark, and I decided to go in a funk rock direction. He did an excellent job of adding bass and guitar hooks for the song.

CM: Why do you think this song is perfect for this day and age?

JV: I think the song is perfect for today because of the recent women’s movements and struggles for rights to our own bodies as well as gaining political representation and influence. It also can be dually applied to marginalized groups in the US and around the world. It is a fight song for the underrepresented and a call to respect each other for our differences instead of hurt each other.

CM: How does it feel to be the first African American woman to be awarded best guitarist at the Austin Music Awards?

JV: It feels like a great step in the right direction, a direction that brings us towards more inclusivity.

CM: What would you like to tell your fans?

JV: Thank you so much for believing in me and listening to my stuff. So many times I have heard I need to “nail it down” to one genre or “reel it in” but never have I heard that from a fan.

CM: Is there anything else you would like to add?

JV: My new album JOY drops on April 5 everywhere, check it out it’s a doozy!

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Written by Brittany Sims

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