EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Reynoso on joining the BEP family

Jessica Reynoso may not be a name you’ve heard of but you’ll definitely be familiar with her soulful vocals, if you’re a Black Eyed Peas fan.

The talented performer is the current vocalist for the group and features heavily, on their recent album Masters Of The Sun. J Reysoul as she is affectionately nicknamed, joined the trio on their recent European tour and seems to be a permanent fixture in the group, with her featuring on The Peas’ next record due out in April.

Jessica’s big break came in 2013 when she reached the final of The Voice Phillipines, Apl De Ap as her coach. She has since moved to Los Angeles to work on her musical career and under the guidance of Apl, has got to live out her dream in collaborating and touring with Black Eyed Peas.

We had a quick chat with Jessica on her influences, working with the Black Eyed Peas and her plans for the future.

What age did you start singing?

I started singing when I was 2 years old but around the house, with family. Professionally, I’d say 9.

Who were your musical influences growing up?

Growing up, I would listen to Whitney Houston, Etta James, Alicia Keys and
Beyoncé a lot.

How was The Voice experience for you?

The Voice was amazing! It was really nerve wracking and stressful but it opened a lot of opportunities, that I could never have imagined and that’s how I met my mentor Apl De Ap.

What were your biggest challenges you faced, when moving to the US?

I think first is being taken away from my family and friends and having to really take care of myself. I wasn’t used to being alone or doing things on my own ‘til I moved to LA. I’m blessed to have Apl throughout all the transition.

How does the music scene in the US differ from that of The Phillipines?

There’s a lot of amazing singers and talent in the Phillipines and also in LA. I think being an artist in L.A requires a lot of creativity.  In the Phillipines, if you want to be in the music industry you usually start with a singing competition, then boom! You get discovered.

In The US, I don’t see it a lot except a few (Kelly Clarkson, JHud, Carrie Underwood etc…) Although now there’s social media requires huge amount of work ethic.  It’s all about making your sound and putting it out.

How does it feel to be working with The Black Eyed Peas?

It feels amazing and I feel so blessed. My friends back home are still in awe, as we are were always singing and dancing to their songs when we were younger in Laguna, Phillipines, which is where I’m from, and now I’m touring with them! I’m just so thankful.

What was your favourite memory of The Masters Of Sun Tour?

Performances every night, meeting people after shows and just seeing different places!

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What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt from the group?


Work Hard

Never Stop Learning

Stay Humble

How has the reaction been from the Peabodies?

Great! They’ve been in in touch and it’s so amazing. I’m so thankful for the support. Y’all are the best!

What are your goals for 2019?

To put out a project, continue doing the things I was doing last year, stay fit and healthy, grow and basically be better than I was a year ago.

You can keep up to do date on all things J Reysoul via her Twitter and Instagram.

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