EXCLUSIVE: JP Saxe talks his world ending collab with Julia Michaels

If the world was ending, JP Saxe would cuddle he says.  Cuddle who? his fans, family friends or Julia Michaels who is co-collaborator on their stunning and emotive new single, If The World Was Ending.
” People seem to really relate to it and that’s a special feeling for us.”
The whole idea of a collaboration between  JP Saxe and Julia Michaels came about through the wonder that is social media. “She posted my song ‘25 in Barcelona’ on Instagram. I was real excited. We DM’d a bit. She said she wanted to write. I was once again real excited.”

The whole process of deciding to write with each other happened pretty quickly and the two talented songwriters wrote the song together in a day.
“We got in the studio shortly after that and wrote the song the day we met. We wrote it on July 20th. It came out October 17th. All the vocals and piano are the originals we recorded with Ben Rice the day we wrote it. Finneas heard the demo and produced it over the next few weeks.”
Anyone who has listened to the song knows it’s hauntingly beautiful and makes you consider what is love and how life can get in the way of it. The video is the perfect visual companion to the song which shows the connection by JP and Julia share as singer/songwriters who have a profound love and respect for each other and the music they create as artists.
The possibility of love being bigger than all the reasons that get in the way of it.
JP, when we ask him to describe himself as an artist, says he’s a “Wordy, Emotional, Ginger”, this may be true but his wordiness and being emotional make for some great songs and are likely some of his strengths as his habit of writing lyrics which are honest and fans connect to “Like by prioritizing being honest I’m doing something right. “

New music from JP is on the way “top of 2020” and we asked if he had any plans to tour the UK in the future? “omg I want to so bad. be there asap. ” That is one tour we here at CelebMix would love to happen, we’d also love to see him and Julia perform the song live, as their voices compliment each other perfectly.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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