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EXCLUSIVE: Karolina Rose discusses debut EP ‘INVICTA’

Karolina Rose is the Polish-American indie songstress who is destined to truly make her mark on the music industry this year.

Having walked away from a high flying Wall Street career in order to pursue music full time, the talented songstress has been honing her craft for a number of years and released her debut single ‘Move With Me’ back in 2017.

Now, Karolina is making her biggest move yet with the release of her debut EP INVICTA. Produced by Andros Rodriguez, the six-track offering was unveiled today and acts as an introduction into the singer’s world. The EP is an unapologetic and honest collection of tracks which perfectly represent Karolina’s strength and determination.

We had the chance to speak to ask Karolina about her debut EP, her Polish/American background, her future plans and more. Check out what she had to say below.

Welcome to CelebMix Karolina! Please introduce yourself to our readers by revealing a little known fact about you.

Hi. Thank you for having me! A few initial thoughts:

I am a benign psycho and I hope for peace for all.

I am addicted to green tea.

I am fluent in French and Polish.

What is your first musical memory, the first time you remember taking an interest in music?

I was really young, somewhere in the single digits between 6-9, alone in the corner of my cousin’s room in Warsaw on a family summer vacation. I was taken aback by the beauty of the Polish countryside. A melody started coming to me and I started singing and scribbling lyrics down in a little notebook. It was called Strawberry Fields. I didn’t know at that point the Beatles already had that one coined, but this is my first musical memory.

You sacrificed a high flying career on Wall Street to pursue music. What made you decide to do this and focus on your music?

It’s something I felt I had to do, rather than a decision. There was nothing left for me but to leave the first career to open myself fully to change. Pursuing music has been a gradual evolution and at some point, I realized my thoughts were entirely consumed by music.

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Nature is my secret weapon?

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Your debut EP INVICTA is out today. What can you tell us about this particular body of work?

I think this EP is an introduction to me. It feels quite simply as a “Hi, hello, hope you like this. There is more to come.” Thematically, it’s a mix of songs that had to do with my mindset at the time—changing careers, transitioning to a polar opposite pursuit, finding courage to pursue one’s calling/dreams/whatever name you want to give it, exploring the power of a new love and attraction to the unknown.

It was produced by Andros Rodriguez, who’s worked with the likes of Madonna and Shakira. What was he like to work with?

Good question. I think he kept me on my toes. It sort of felt as if my eyes were opening wide to the moment I had been waiting for up until that point. He helped work with me to take my songs I had written on acoustic guitar and create a soundscape around them. I am grateful for everything I’ve learned from Andros.

Whilst every song will be special to you, is there a particular track on the EP which stands out as a favourite? Personally, our favourite is a toss up between ‘Love Crazy’ and ‘Going To Berlin’.

I am a toss up between ‘Goodnight, Mr. Moon’ and ‘Downhill.’ They both hit upon a mood that makes them stand alone for me. ‘Goodnight, Mr. Moon’ is sort of divulging the secrets of our dream state to process life. ‘Downhill’ is that simultaneous feeling of excitement and fear when pursuing something entirely new and unknown. It’s walking right through it and cutting the fog with a knife to the other side.

Do you have a favourite lyric from the EP?

I think it’s “you gave a kiss of peace” from ‘Goodnight, Mr. Moon.’

We love the meaning behind the album title as it signifies your strength, courage and passion for your craft. Did you ever consider any other names apart from INVICTA?

Thank you, CelebMix! This is a good question indeed! I was able to find a list I was keeping in my notes, which I pasted below, but none of these titles were the ONE, until I found INVICTA. I had wished there was a song called Invicta. Maybe one day…

EP Titles:
Save The Wounded
Wounded Warriors
Light on the Wounded
Light for the Wounded
iNtro sTories
intro love stories
the beginning story
first story
Karolina Rose – Story I

What do you hope that people will take away from your music?

I want them to feel like they can reach their utmost highest ideals that they are searching for in life. I want them to feel an escape from whatever they are dealing with IRL. No matter what pain they’ve been through, they are strong and life can still get better, much better. I want to believe we can attain the version of our life exactly as we see it in daydreams.

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All negativity is a cry for love

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You’re influenced by the likes of Kate Bush, Debbie Harry, David Bowie and Madonna. What is it about these particular artists which inspires you?

I think it’s the way they stand out from everyone else in the most beautiful of ways. It’s an expression of depth, beauty, understanding and compassion. They are also very uniquely entertaining.

You live in New York – how does the city influence you musically?

I think New York has been a plunge into the deep end of the pool. Opportunities to learn and grow are everywhere. I think I felt influenced when I moved to Bushwick after quitting my job. It felt like home, a comfortable place to pursue my art. It felt like, oh look, there are so many beautiful creatives all around here, it’s okay to do this that I am seeking.

You’re Polish-American – how would you describe the music scene in Poland? From my personal experience, music is strongly appreciated out there and fans are excited to support artists of all genres.

I think Polish people know what’s good! The scene feels like a big European Bushwick. They are energetic, enthusiastic and definitely appreciate music of all genres. I can’t wait to have the chance to perform there again.

My first performances in NY started out as the singer of a cover band for Polish dance parties at the WARSAW club in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (little Poland). From what I’ve experienced from friends and family, Polish people of all ages definitely love a good dance party.

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casually taking some deep breaths

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You’re already working on your second EP. As it stands right now, how will it differ from INVICTA?

I don’t want to say much on this, but I can say that the songs on EP#2 were written from a different time of my life and so the songs that came out of it have a specific nature and feeling to them. And I know exactly what the title is.

Are there any other plans for the rest of the year that you’d like to tell us about?

I am starting to conceptualize the album visuals for EP#2. I hope to travel around to as many of the radio stations I can that have been playing Invicta. I hope to also write as many songs as I can this year. I am hoping to do a trip to Europe as well.

Thank you to Karolina for her time. Make sure you follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

INVICTA  is out now.

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