EXCLUSIVE: Katie Mac Talks New Music, Writing Experiences and Future Plans

Katie Mac is an exciting new, young Pop artist who emerged 18 months ago and has been turning heads with her super high quality songwriting skills ever since. Recently she has also been making major waves with her brand new single ‘Heartless’.

Here we chat exclusively to Katie Mac to discuss her new release, songwriting experiences and future plans:

Growing up who were your musical influences?

As a kid, I listened to a lot of my parents’ music, so there was a lot of Fleetwood Mac, Shania Twain, and my dad was really into the Grateful Dead. As I got older, I still loved those but started getting into more contemporary music. Some of my biggest influences were Stacie Orico, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and all the big female icons of the time!

What does your current playlist look like?

Currently, I’m really into everything Ariana Grande is doing. Some other artists I can’t stop listening to are Bebe Rexha, Juice World, Julia Michaels, Charlie XCX and Troye Sivan.

How would you describe your own musical vibe to new listeners?

I think my vibe is upbeat, honest, and lyrically candid. I want people to feel empowered by my music and like they really know me.

When creating in the studio where do you look to for inspiration?

It definitely just depends on the day- I usually draw inspiration from my real life, but sometimes I’m inspired by things I read in books or see in other people.

What’s an average studio day like for you?

We normally start with a general idea of what we want to write- and then we record and arrange the song on the same day we write it! Obviously, we sometimes go back and add things, but most of my songs were recorded the same day we wrote them!

Do you have a set way of writing songs or do you take it as it comes when you’re in the studio?

I think it definitely depends on who I’m in the studio with. I’m lucky to be surrounded with people who push me creatively and encourage me to try different things- I also still write a lot on my own just with a piano in my bedroom.

With your new single Heartless what are you hoping fans take from the track?

I think Heartless is a very nostalgic track. It’s bittersweet, but I hope that it reminds people of home and makes them smile.

Can we expect an album from you soon?

Yes! All of the songs that I’m releasing over the next few months are a part of a concept project that I’m really excited about.

What are you looking to achieve over the course of the next twelve months?

Over the next year, I want to grow my audience and really connect with them! I also have ambitions to go on the road, collaborate more, and continue to build my team!

Written by Laura Klonowski

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