Exclusive: Keelie Walker talks supporting Westlife on tour

Keelie Walker is living the dream. Born and raised in Nashville Tenessee, at just fifteen years old she is embarking on a huge tour of the UK supporting Westlife on their Twenty tour, playing to thousands in some of the biggest venues in the country.

When we speak to her, she has just completed the first night of the tour in Belfast ” it was good, so exciting, I did seven songs, one of the songs I do is a cover of a song by Charlie Puth, just to keep things up and going.”

She has previously toured with Jason Derulo, so is no stranger to the UK, although on this tour she will be visiting some places she hasn’t been before. “Glasgow is one place I haven’t been that I’m excited about.”

“A couple of days we actually went to the Titanic museum and it was really fun.” When we confess that we have never been ourselves we are told that “it’s really good and we should go.”

Being someone who has gotten used to being on tour and away from home, she knows what to pack. “Chapstick.” she laughs when asked her must-have item. “As I hate having dry lips. So I need that and water.”

At 15 balancing school and being on tour is something Keelie is pretty good at. ” My Mom is sort of like my tutor. I have CD’s that go into my computer which I watch and stuff then I do the work. And like when I know I’m about to leave town or be really busy I try to catch up as much as I can so that I don’t have to worry about it as much.”

Keelie started performing at the age of six. “It’s a pretty long story, but I met my acting coach who introduced me to my producer and I always sung around the house and stuff but I never took it up as much until I met my producer and encouraged me to do it.”

When not working Keelie likes nothing more than hanging out in her room or with her sister. “I just kind of chill in my free time. At the minute I love Vampire Diaries on Netflix.” This fact sort of derails the interview for a bit while we discuss Vampire Diaries. Who does she prefer Stefan or Damon ” Ohhh, that such a tough choice” she moans. ” I feel like Stefan has more of a sweet side and then Damon is more dangerous so I don’t know.” We say we’d have them both. “Same,” she laughs, “same!”

We finally get back on topic and discuss the first ever single/album she bought, it was Justin Bieber “My World” which her dad bought her.

Next up is her album ” it’s out this year and I plan to come back to the UK at some point but I can’t really say more than that.”

Keelie for someone entering the music business so young is such a sweet and lovely girl, who by her own admission is “that type of person who gets really nervous before literally everything”, her upcoming single Not You, is already one of the favourites of fans seeing her on tour, here at CelebMix we think we will be seeing a lot more of her in the UK and hearing her songs on the radio, she is one to watch!

Keelie’s new single Not You is available to pre-save now and is released on the 5th July.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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