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EXCLUSIVE: Kendra Leigh Timmins Talks “Ride”

We still can’t get over YTV’s new series “Ride”, which we are always eager to watch.

Kendra Leigh Timmins stars in the show as Katherine “Kit” Bridges, a quirky gal who moves to England because her father gets a new job at Covington Academy. “Ride” follows Kit’s adventure in her new school where she also gets challenged by a horse, TK.

Kendra was born in London, Ontario and got the chance to experience acting when she was little, beginning with shows in her elementary school, and doing commercials.

However, her first breakthrough didn’t come until she played Denise on Family Channel’s “Wingin’ It”. Then she finally got a lot of guest starring roles in TV series’ such as “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, “Cracked”, “My Babysitter’s a Vampire” and much more. Besides, she has also appeared in “Frenemies”, “Port Hope”, “The Journey Home” and “Lost After Dark”.

This girl is not only young and talented, but she’s also got an adorable personality.

Check out our interview with Kendra below, and get to know the world of Covington Academy where she’s just fallen into!

EXCLUSIVE: Kendra Leigh Timmins Talks "Ride" 2

Hi, Kendra! It’s so lovely to speak to you. How are you?
“I’m great, thanks! And it’s lovely speaking to you, too!”

You started performing as a child. How does it feel to be an actor at such a young age?
“It feels very lucky. I fell in love with acting so early that it’s now become a comfort zone. Something that I love to do and feel confident doing. It also gave me a jump start when it comes to getting experience and training.”

So, don’t you have pressure on you?
“Maybe a little, especially with “Ride” because it’s my first time really leading a series. But a lot of that pressure I put on myself. I want to do justice to the characters and stories our incredible creators and writers put together, but I have an incredibly strong support system in my friends and family which helps relieve some of that. Also, once you get on set and start working with incredible people, it becomes even easier to forget the pressure and just have fun.”

You’re talented, and you’ve already got a lot of guest starring roles in television programs, but did you have any experience with horses before “Ride”?
“I actually did have a little experience with horses prior to filming. I went to a horse-back-riding summer camp for a few years when I was younger, and anytime my family went on vacation we’d often find ourselves doing a horse-back-riding outing together. So I’m very comfortable around horses, but don’t look particularly graceful riding them, and had definitely never jumped before which is why we were lucky to have such incredible riding doubles who have doubled for the best of the best, including the actors on “Game of Thrones”, so we were in good hands.”

Can you tell us why did you want to join the cast of the series?
“I wanted to join the cast because the show was so incredibly well written, with a heartfelt story and unique characters. I fell in love with Kit instantly. Also who wouldn’t want to get to work with horses AND film in Northern Ireland?! Beyond that, I was also really excited about the idea of working with actors from the UK who I wouldn’t have gotten to work with otherwise since “Ride” is a co-production. And the entire cast is so incredibly talented and bring something special to the show that I’m so grateful I got picked.”

How is the filming of the show going?
“It’s going great! So great in fact, that it’s finished! The final touches are happening in editing right now, and it’s just starting to air in Canada.”

What has been the most exciting thing to happen to you since “Ride” debuted?
“To be honest, everything has been exciting since the debut. I’m experiencing so many things for the first time. Seeing the episodes together, being able to share it with my friends and family, getting to do all kinds of fantastic promotion and interviews like this one. But I think the most exciting thing so far is seeing big posters and trailers for the show at the movie theatres here in Canada. It’s pretty unreal.”

Now tell us about your character Kit. Could you quickly identify with her?
“Kit is really head-strong and heartfelt girl. She’s just recently lost her mother, so she’s trying to find a new start with her dad at Covington where she doesn’t quite fit in because she has a pretty big fear of horses, which becomes a problem at an equestrian school. She likes to see the best in people and situations, which sometimes gets her into trouble. I was able to identify with Kit instantly because she is such a big mix of things and doesn’t fit into one category or stereotype. Kit is confident but fearful. She’s a bit of a free spirit, but also really stubborn. She also cares about her friends and family and will do anything for them. I think the only way that Kit and I differ is that, aside from horses, she’s pretty fearless and likes to bend the rules, whereas I’m afraid of a big list of things, including getting into trouble.”

Would you say there’s someone in the industry who you idolize?

“My idols in the industry are constantly changing, and I could never just choose one. I idolize different things, from different people, and try to take those things and apply them to myself. I really idolise actors who take risks and transform themselves. I also like seeing people who have varied careers, from Drama to Comedy, and look like they are having fun doing it and not taking themselves too seriously.”

And if you could work with anyone, who would it be?
“How much space do we have? Ahahaha, I want to work with as many people as possible. I would love to work with any of the women I look up to, like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Anna Kendrick and Rachel McAdams is my personal favourite. I would also die to be in a Wes Anderson film; that would be a dream! And work with Geoffrey Rush, not just because I admire him, but also so my mom could meet him.”

Do you have a celebrity crush?
“Of course! Ahaha, again, it’s always changing, but Daniel Radcliffe is definitely up there. He’s an incredibly talented actor, super cute and I mean, come on, he’s Harry Potter!”

We heard you like reading sci-fi and fantasy. What is your favourite book at the moment?
“That’s true! I’m a huge book nerd when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy. Aside from “Harry Potter”, “The Hunger Games” and “Game of Thrones”, which are all amazing, I like some more lesser known ones too like, “The Warded Man” by Peter V. Brett, “Fire” by Kristin Cashore and “Throne of Glass” by Sarah J. Mass.”

What about writing? What do you write?
“Since I’ve been working so much in Film and Television lately, I’ve been writing a lot of screenplays. I have a couple in the works I’m really excited about. I’m not sure if they are any good, but I enjoy writing them anyway.”

Is there anything you can tell us about the upcoming episodes of “Ride”?
“I don’t want to spoil anything since the show is airing at different times in different places. But we’ll see new friendships form and find out more personal backstories about the characters. We’ll see a love triangle or two, and a big Covington Academy mystery that Kit and her friends have to try and solve. It’s all so exciting, I wish I could say more, but I should probably leave it at that and let everyone enjoy watching it unfold.”

What would you like to achieve in the next few years? Do you have any plans for the future?
“I think the best case scenario for any actor is getting to keep working. Whether it’s on projects with amazing stories, challenging characters, interesting places or talented people, I want to work on them all. And of course, would LOVE to do more seasons of “Ride”. As for the distant future; I’d love to see one of the films I’ve written get made.”

Thank you very much for your time. Do you have any message to CelebMix’s readers?
“No, thank you! And yes! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this interview (sorry if I rambled too much!). If you are already planning to watch “Ride”, I hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it! And if you aren’t sure yet, give it a shot! If you want more info and behind the scenes tidbits about the show be sure to follow me on Twitter (@kendra_timmins), Instagram (@kendraleightimmins) or Facebook (Kendra Timmins Official)! ”

Are you excited about the next episode of “Ride”? Make sure to catch Kendra on your TV, and let us know if you like the series on Twitter at @CelebMix!

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