EXCLUSIVE: Leonardo DiCaprio to make Girlscout Cookies

Leonardo DiCaprio has teamed up with Girl Scouts of America and is creating Oscar shaped Girl Scout Cookies following his 2016 Oscar win.

Leonardo DiCaprio won a very well earned Oscar at the 2016 Oscar Award ceremony for Best Actor, following his performance in The Revenant. During the awards show Leo was spotted enjoying some yummy Girl Scout Cookies. The Girl Scouts have since reached out to Leo after noticing his reaction to their cookies and have asked if Leo will partner with them to make an Oscar shaped Girl Scout cookie in honour of Leo’s win.

If you’re not sure what Leo’s reaction was to opening his Girl Scout Cookies, here you go!

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A spokesperson for Girl Scout Cookies explained that the Oscar cookies will be a 2017 exclusive and after 2017 Girl Scout Cookies will be going back to their standard cookie sale line up, dropping the new Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar cookie.

Parents of Girl Scouts have praised this as a great opportunity for the Girl Scouts to get a lot more recognition and are pleased that Leo has agreed to this opportunity to help raise money through the cookies.

Reactions from Leo fans and fans of Girl Scout Cookies so far have been that of excitement and anticipation for the arrival of the cookie. Fans are hoping that the cookie will taste as good as it looks in all its golden Oscar glory!

In 2014 the Girl Scouts Association released a statement concluding that 12 year old Katie Francis sold a record number of Girl Scout Cookies. Katie managed to sell 18,107 boxes to friends, family and people in her neighbourhood. We wonder if Leo was one of those people to buy a box…

Leo is playing part in the design process of the packaging of the cookie and the shape of the cookie. It has been rumoured that the cookie will be the shape of an Oscar but it is still in the design process and undecided, although we think that all the cookies should be Oscar shaped with new Oscar winner Leo’s name on them!

Find more information out about the Leo and Girl Scouts of America Cookies here.

Oscar shaped Girl Scout cookies seem to also be one way for Leo to bring attention to his environmental campaign after Leo’s very passionate Oscar acceptance speech. In September 2011  two Girl Scouts, Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen, earned a Bronze Award from the Girl Scout Association by bringing awareness to the endangered Orangutan and the vanishing Rainforest habitat in Indonesia and Malaysia. The two Girl Scouts discovered that the cookies they were selling were using Palm Oil as an ingredient which is found in the rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia which has led to mass rainforest damage. Madison and Rhiannon launched a campaign which eventually convinced the Girl Scouts to remove Palm Oil from their products. We feel that Leo would be very proud to help out the Girl Scouts after this!

Oatmeal cookies appear to be one of the most popular choice in the cookie collection by the Girl Scouts, we can’t help but wonder if the Oscar cookies will be oatmeal flavour or if they will be created as shortbread cookie Trefoils that Leo was seen buying and tucking into at the Oscars.

Like always the profits from the Oscar shaped Leo version of Girl Scout Cookies are in aid of the Girl Scouts and will be sold in 2017, they will also be sold at the 2017 Oscars, as the cookies were this year.

Sorry to those of you who live outside of America, you won’t be able to buy the cookies! The delicious Girl Scout Cookies are only sold in America!

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