Exclusive: Listen to Tribe Society’s ’27’ Mixtape

Tribe Society is a genre-blending group that makes it look absolutely effortless to bring rock and hip-hop together and still possess an all around unique sound. The five-piece met at Berkley College of Music and came together after their graduation with the creation of a mixtape in 2015. That mixtape is called Delirium Sonata and it did well to establish them as artists.

The music they’ve continued to put out has been captivating and enchanting audiences around the world. They haven’t, and won’t, just be satisfied with what they’ve achieved so far – every new opportunity is a new opportunity to push things even further.

Most recently, the band put together their mixtape simply called ’27’. This mixtape pays homage to artists who have joined the ‘infamous 27 club’. Names like Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Amy Winehouse inspired this mixtape and it hits heavy. The band said it was difficult to put this together because of the magnitude of these artists.

These artists all have this immortality that lives on through their amazing music. It was honestly hard to cover [these artists] because they are untouchable.”

If they wondered if they’d hit the mark, the short answer is, absolutely. After shutting out the noise of day to day life and taking the time to sit down and immerse ourselves in ’27’ – it’s impossible to think of the tracks as anything but intoxicating.

The entire thing is a work of art, the Jimi Hendrix breakdown hit us the hardest, there’s just something about it that draws you in. The entire mixtape made us wonder what would have come from some of the biggest names to influence music had their time not been cut short – we think that was the point.

You can pay respects through music, but you can also give artists a breath of new life, and that’s what ’27’ does. If you’ve yet to listen to Tribe Society, they’ll be a must have added addition to your playlists after this. Make sure you cut out part of your evening to listen to the mixtape in its entirety.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.