EXCLUSIVE: Liv Austen Talks ‘Detour’ and Whole Heart’ Vinyl Releases

Today (April 18th) Norwegian born, London based Country crossover rising star Liv Austen announced that she will be releasing her hit singles ‘Detour’ and ‘Whole Heart’ on special edition 7 inch vinyls on May 15th along with new remixed versions via download.

Here we speak exclusively to the multi-talented singer/songwriter to discuss her new releases, touring with US Country sweetheart Sarah Darling, signing to a major PR company and 2019 plans:

Vinyl is now officially cool again, how excited are you by the growth of the physical trend?

Very excited, and quite surprised, to be honest with you! I love vinyl records and my parents used to have a record player when I was very young – and I know many people have that same nostalgic link to it. When it started coming back I was sceptical about whether it would actually last – but I see people buying it a lot at gigs, and people actually have record players again that they use! Including me – I have one in my lounge and I love using it.

You’ll be releasing a double A side of Detour and Whole Heart on vinyl in May, what made you choose those songs specifically?

I could feel my audience was ready for some heartbreak, ha! No honestly, those two songs are so special to me. I wrote both of them on my own, and have had some amazing reactions to them. So many people, completely unprompted, have come up to me and told me that those two songs are really unique to them and that they relate in their own personal way to the lyrics and the themes of those songs. I put the two songs next to each other on the album, because they are linked story-wise, and so releasing them together in this kind of vintage way of a double A side made all the sense in the world. It’s my way of saying: “let’s go back to the basics of the songs, and strip away everything else”. They are two very raw, honest and vulnerable tracks to me – and represent two important periods of my life.

The record will be available through your website and live performances, when can fans expect to see you on the road this year?

I am playing a couple of very exciting festivals this year, I play the main stage at Rock and Bowl Festival in May and I am super happy to be going to The Long Road, where I’ll be playing Friday night. But between those shows there will be other shows to be announced – guaranteed! And I will always have the vinyls with me when I perform. Until they sell out, that is!

After the release of the vinyl can we expect to have new music from you?

I am writing lots of new music, but in no hurry to release anything new just yet. I love playing the songs from my album! But I am sure I’ll be itching to release something new soon. What is very exciting is that I am currently writing with other artists for their projects, which has been a goal of mine for a long time. So there may be something new out soon that I’ve been involved in, but released by someone else!

You recently wrapped touring with Sarah Darling, what was it like performing to a new fanbase every night?

It was a brilliant opportunity, and I am so grateful to Sarah for letting me come on tour with her. Every night was different, but equally amazing. I have very distinct memories from every night of the tour, both being on stage and talking to fans afterwards. Many people came up and told me that it was the first time they saw me live but that they already knew my music, which was incredible.

Can we expect a collaboration from you both soon?

That would be really fun! I love Sarah, she is an incredible human being, writer and performer, so if I have a say in it we will definitely write or perform together in the future.

Along with the new vinyl in the works, you’ve also recently signed to Outside Org PR, how did that come about?

I love a good full circle moment, and getting Outside to be my PR was definitely one. Before I could live off my music and acting full time, I had many odd jobs in and around London. My favourite job ever was working as a receptionist at Outside Organisation. The first thing I saw on my first day at work was a huge framed photo of Carrie Underwood (I didn’t know they looked after her at the time!) – and thought: “yes, I’ll fit in just fine!” I didn’t really tell people at the time I was working there that I was an artist, but more and more of them started realising, as I sometimes had my guitar with me at reception so that I could run off to do a gig after work. We used to joke about how maybe they would do my PR one day, and now they are! I love them and I am so happy about it.Going back to the vinyl point; when Carrie’s new album was released on pink vinyl, they gave me one – on the day of my album listening party. It felt like a sign of what was to come!

Looking ahead to the rest of the year what can we expect from you?

Definitely more live performances, that’s what I’ve promised my fans. I will do my best to keep touring and performing with my band, and smaller acoustic events. I want to do more I’ll Cover You events too (check out @illcoveryoulive), so keep an eye out! I will continue to write more songs for other artists and bands too, that is hugely important to me.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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