Take an Exclusive Look at Kelsea Ballerini’s VIP Experience

If you ask Kelsea Ballerini fans what they like most about her, you’d get a variety of answers. Her music, her voice, her talent, her compassion, her kindness, and her spirit – just to name a few. She shines with a light that is rare and she inspires people as she crosses their paths.

Kelsea’s relationship with her fans is something very important, and not just to them. She treasures the bond they’ve created and she credits them for giving her so much to be happy about. She is so grateful for them, in fact, that she’s created an incredible VIP experience and we got an exclusive first look at it.

The video shows a montage of videos with Kelsea and some Legendary VIP fans where she thanks them for letting the staff ‘take their phones’ but then lets them know it’s only because she’s working hard on her second album and while it’s not done yet, she wants to share a piece of it with them.

That’s right, these lucky fans get to hear some of Kelsea’s new music before anyone else does, and it’s clear by the look on her face how important that is to her. Being surrounded by people who look up to you as you share your personal experiences with them through song is bonding – further building that relationship she keeps.

Kelsea’s Legendary VIP experience is something you’ll want to take advantage of when she stops by a town near you. To find out more, visit her webpage here.

We are looking forward to Kelsea’s second album and by the work she’s put into it and the pride she’s shown in the video clip above, we’re sure it’ll blow all of us away.



Written by Ashley

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