EXCLUSIVE: Maduk Talks New Singles and DJ Inspirations

Fast rising Dutch DJ and producer Maduk has recently shared three brand new singles with his growing fanbase; ‘Coming Down’, ‘Go’ (feat. Lachi), and ‘Go’ (Instrumental).

Here we chat exclusively to Maduk about his new releases, DJ inspirations and more:

How did you first get into the producing and DJ scene?

I started ‘producing’ by recording my piano and guitar when I was 15, later I discovered electronic music and slowly but surely, I got small opportunities to play as a DJ. I started as a tech house DJ/producer under the name ‘Marckus’ when I was 19, in 2011 I switched to Drum & Bass with Maduk.

Growing up was it always in your mind to become a pro DJ and producer?

I remember I wanted to be an audio engineer, work behind the mixing desk in a venue or studio and mix bands. So that is more the ‘old school’ music producer. I became a producer first and the DJ part followed later because people wanted to see the guy who made those songs they liked playing them.

You recently released three new singles ‘Go’ , ‘Go’ instrumental and ‘Coming Down’, can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind these songs?

I usually just get going in the studio without much of a plan. “Go” started with the chords and the lead melody, later on I added the vocals. “Coming Down” was very fun to work on as well, a bit deeper than “Go”. I really like the way both tracks show something different, but still totally both sound like Maduk.

Your single “Go” features vocalist Lachi. What was the writing sessions and process like for the track?

Actually, I connected with Lachi through an online platform for songwriters. I sent her my instrumental and a few days later she came back to me with an amazing first sketch! We sent ideas back and forth and within two weeks the final vocal was ready. Amazing this is possible, I never even met her!

When working on new music what is your go to creative method?

I just get in the studio and start writing. Sometimes I start with drums or with a vocal, mostly I start with my piano and a chord progression. I don’t produce that much with a plan, I don’t want to think too much how it ‘should’ sound. I go with the flow, have the most fun I can and try to feel whether I like something. 

As the co-founder of Liquicity Records, what do you look for when discovering new talent?

I think it’s important that a beginning producer has a clear identity sound-wise. Especially in the beginning, it will not help if you release multiple genres and styles under the same name. It is not clear to the audience, labels and promoters what your identity is as an artist.

What are you hoping fans take from your music?

When I’m making my music, I want it to have that special ‘euphoric’ vibe in it. That feeling you can take on any challenge in the world. When I get that feeling while making a track, I know I’m heading in the right direction. It’s great to see that many fans contact me to describe this exact same feeling while listening to my music!

Is there one song in particular you have created that you’re most proud of?

Not really, I still like pretty much all my songs though! If I had to choose I’d go for “Don’t Be Afraid” and “Miles Apart”.

How do you enjoy your time off away from the studio?

Besides my work for Liquicity, I mainly hang out with my friends. Enjoying the beautiful city of Amsterdam and play some Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2019 what are your plans for this year?

On April 12th I will have my ‘Maduk & Friends’ night in Amsterdam and hopefully I will release my next single in May. The main focus of this summer will be Liquicity Festival from July 19-21 in The Netherlands.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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