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EXCLUSIVE: Mahogany Lox Chats About ‘Sike’ and TikTok

Mahogany Lox may be one of the busiest content creators and artists in the industry right now. Between entertaining fans with creative TikToks and constantly releasing new music, supporters of the star are always engaged and able to show their dedication across social media and streaming platforms. In fact, the “Take Your Man” singer has built up her fanbase over the course of several years and her popularity continues to rise. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Mahogany Lox opens up about her new single “Sike,” TikTok and more.

For those who don’t already know, how did you first get started with music? 

I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember! My mom always had music playing in the house, so I just always sang! 

Currently, who would you say your inspirations are in the music industry?

I would have to say Mariah Carey, LMFAO, Y.G., Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child and so many more!

What can you tell us about your new track ‘SIKE’ and its message?

I wrote “Sike,” so the person who’s singing it can sing it to themselves and feel confident! 

I wanted to be able to help anyone that struggles with confidence and let them know it’s ok to feel emotions…but know they’re amazing and not to let any negative comments bring you down. 

Can fans look forward to an official music video for that single?

Yes, I absolutely plan to make one!  

You are active on so many social media platforms! How do you find time to balance all of them and which one would you say is your favorite? 

Honestly, I try to post at least once a day on each site, but usually more. As for which is my favorite… I’d have to say I love them all differently, but lately… I have been the most active on TikTok! 

Speaking of social media, your fans are incredibly dedicated and support all of your projects. How does it feel to know that you have that support system behind you?

My LOXSmiths are incredible, I feel so blessed to have them in my life and having their support means the world to me. 

TikTok has definitely become one of your supporters’ favorite place to connect with you. How long does the average TikTok take you to make? Do you have a favorite TikTok trend or dance right now? 

Filming TikToks can vary in times! I’ve had some take a few hours because of setting up and editing! But then there are some that only take a few minutes! My favorite TikTok dance right now would have to be the dance to Meg the Stallion’s song “Savage” or Captain Hook! 

Your track ‘Take Your Man’ has blown up on both music streaming platforms and social media, especially TikTok! What has it been like to experience it turn into a massive success and see the positive response it has received thus far?

Seeing “Take Your Man” take off like it did was surreal, I still can’t believe it. I’m so thankful for everyone who showed it love!

If you could collaborate with anyone in the entertainment industry, who would it be and why?

I would love to do a song with LMFAO. That would be a dream come true! 

What can fans look forward to in the near or distant future? 

Lots and lots of music and DJing!

Thank you, Mahogany Lox, for taking the time to speak with CelebMix.

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Written by Alessandra

Alessandra is a music journalist from New York who loves to speak and write about music of all different genres. She has interviewed artists such as Alesso, Surf Mesa, and Neon Trees.