EXCLUSIVE: Maya Kiltron Discusses New Album & Upcoming Plans

Canadian vocalist, DJ and violinist Maya Kiltron is a force to be reckoned with. Taking on the roles of singer, writer, violinist & keyboardist, Maya has just released her highly anticipated full-length solo album Never Dance Alone. We chat exclusively to Maya about the release and her upcoming plans.

Hi, first things first – how are you?
Hi there! I’m very good! Just eating a bunch of hot crossed buns wishing I never bought them cause I’m just gonna eat the whole bag….

You’ve just released your brand new solo album – how does it feel to have it released?
It’s a big mix of emotions. I feel relieved that after all this work it all rolled out on time and nothing went wrong. I’m excited that people love the music. The support has been overwhelming. I’m also nervous. The beginning of a release is all excitement but you don’t have time to stop after it’s out. You have to keep pushing and working everyday or that excitement may be over sooner than you think. Overall, I’m very happy. Holding the finished vinyl edition in my hands kept me smiling for a long time!

What was the writing process like for the album?
There were ups and downs. Sometimes the songs seemed to write themselves in minutes while other tracks took months just to get a second verse on paper. The best part was recording all the strings. I’ve never been able to successfully combine being both a singer & violinist so figuring that out in this project felt great.

Do you have a favourite track on the album?
That’s like picking your favourite child! BUT as I have no children I would pick Whiplash. At live shows, even the shyest, wall flower, no dancers can’t help but two step to it with a smile. Making reluctant people dance is one of the best feelings!

The latest single off the album is Whiplash – tell us a little more about that track
Like the rest of the album I wanted to speak candidly about love & tricky relationship situations but not in a sappy slow jam way. You always have to face your problems but why not do it dancing?

What was the inspiration behind the album? Does it have an overall message or tell a story?
The whole album is a collection of relationship stories. Some optimistic, some hopeless, some a straight up hot mess. As an album I want people to see that its always going to be a mix of good and bad and when its bad, always find a way to dancethrough it. It’s why I didn’t include any slow jams… Never Dance Alone carries a little message to myself – always value your team, share opportunities, never stop working and you’ll Never dance alone.

Are you hoping to tour the new album? If so, can you give us some details?
Yes! I am hoping to tour this album. Currently I have Canadian shows booked in Toronto, Montreal & Ottawa throughout the Spring/Summer but the main goal is to get to the UK & Europe in the fall. If you know of some booking agents in the UK or EU that want to represent a cool cool Canadian boogie singer, send them my way….

Finally, what does the rest of 2019 hold for you?
Finding tour and booking representation is a big goal for this year. The best part of making music is getting to perform it for as many people as possible & that is what I want to do most. While that quest continues I’m working hard to keep momentum with this album. Its constant upkeep of social media, live show bookings & of course working on new material for the next album. I’m happiest when busy and I plan to make 2019 a very busy year.

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Written by hannahstrong