Exclusive: Megan Nicole Talks all Things ‘Adult (ed)’

YouTube star, activist, and artist Megan Nicole has made a new show called ‘Adult (ed)’. The show was produced by Jeenyus Entertainment called ‘Adult (ed)’. This past year Megan has tied the knot, bought her first home and became a pet parent. Her inspiration for the concept of ‘Adult (ed)’ is the fact that all these rapid changes in her life and being sprung into adulthood, was a bit overwhelming. The main concept of this show is that it is a guide to adult life. This first season has 10 episodes all being released on Megan’s channel on YouTube. We got to interview her and ask her all about ‘Adult (ed)’, and also her music.

Could you tell the readers all about Adult (ed)?
Adult(ed) is a series that focuses on the things we’re expected to know in adulthood, but aren’t always taught. From taxes to house plants and all the in-betweens, we try and tackle adulting one subject at a time with the help of an expert.


What was your favorite thing about making Adult (ed)?
One of my favorite things about filming Adult(ed) was seeing how our guests took some of the information they learned and applied it to there lives. For example, we did one on houseplants and months later our guest for that episode has not only kept all her plants alive, she said she even bought more! Another friend of mine who was a guest for our wine episode did not enjoy wine at all, but now has found some that she really enjoys. It’s fun to see, and I really want to share more of the follow ups with everyone.

How do you hope people will be able to use this series?
My hope is that people will be able to walk away each episode and have something they feel they can apply to their own life. I know I even learned something new each episode and have put those things into practice.


What is your favourite thing about making music
One of my favorite things about music in general, is when you listen to a song and think “that’s exactly how I feel”. There’s this comfort is knowing we’re not alone in some of the things we may feel when you connect to a song. I hope my music can be that for other people as well. Or at least make them want to dance.


Who are your main inspirations for what you do?
It’s definitely a wide range, but some of my biggest inspirations for music are Stevie Wonder and Kacey Musgraves. I grew up on Stevie Wonder and I think Kacey is a phenomenal songwriter. And when it comes to acting, Reese Witherspoon for sure.

What is an average day like for you?
I love to start my day by making by bed, it’s a small thing, but it feels good to do. Then I try to start out with some sort of work out to get moving. I’ve been really into Pilates! Then after that it can differ day to day. Some days I’m in the studio writing or recording, other days I’m filming a video or going to an acting audition. I also recently started to stream on twitch, so that’s become a part of my days as well. Shameless plug, but twitch.tv/TheGreenTeamTv is where you can find me.


What do you have planned for the rest of 2019?
Currently, I’ve been writing and recording a lot. I would love to have a album together for early next year.


Finally, what would you like to say to all of your fans?
Thanks for your support over the years! I’m excited to share this next round of music with all of you.


We think that Adult(ed) is a show that will help benefit many people who want to plan how they will cope in adult life. Some of the episodes may even help to benefit people who are planning on going to university, and living independently.

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Written by Emily Severn

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