EXCLUSIVE: Michael Ray Talks Nineteen Tour and C2C

Michael Ray is a fast rising Country star hailing from America. This year will see him embarking on his biggest US and Australian tour to date when he takes his Nineteen show across the globe and this March he will be making his UK debut with appearances at the upcoming C2C (Country to Country) Festival.

Here we chat exclusively to Michael to discuss his forthcoming tour and upcoming C2C shows:

How excited are you to be performing at C2C this year?

I am so excited to be playing my first C2C this year! This is also my first time ever playing in the UK, so I know it’s going to be a special experience for all of us.

Are you excited to be headed to our shores?

I’m really looking forward to getting to experience the UK and the fans for the first time – it’s something I know I’m always going to remember. As an artist, we’re lucky to get to have so many “first” experiences performing in different places, and this is going to be an experience I’ll get to take with me.

Are there any British acts you’re excited to see while you’re there?

I always appreciate any opportunity I get to be a fan and watch other artists perform, so while I’m over there I hope to have some time to explore the music scene and maybe discover a new artist or two.

While you’re in the UK for C2C, can we expect to see you teaming up with any of our Country talents?

Definitely –C2C is such a great opportunity to connect with artists across this genre and I’m really looking forward to being a part of that.

What can attendees expect from C2C your set?

Our sets are always a lot of fun, a lot of high energy – we love to play songs from my most recent album Amos, but we like to mix in some of the older stuff and a few covers.

What are you expecting from the British audience?

I’ve heard from other artist friends that our UK fans know every song, every lyric, every piece of music you’ve ever released (or never released) – I’m looking forward to seeing if that’s actually true.

Along with your C2C performances you’ll also be touring America, and Australia this year, can the UK expect to be added to the dates [again] anytime soon?

We will definitely be making a trip back to the UK at some point.

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being out on the road?

My favorite thing about being on the road is getting to travel to new places that I never had the opportunity to visit as a kid. When I get into a tour city, I love taking some time to walk around and sight-see so I’m able to talk about the city with fans later that night at our meet & greets. My least favorite thing would probably be just living on a bus for such long periods of time.

Are you hoping to become a regular face at C2C?

I’d love to continue coming back to C2C. I’m thankful for any opportunity to continue to connect with fans from other countries and share our love of country music.

Ahead of your first UK shows, do you have a message for your growing British fan base?

I’m so excited to get to share this experience with the fans and I can’t wait to see the energy that they bring to C2C. Looking forward to a show we’ll never forget!

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