EXCLUSIVE: Molly Rainford chats ‘Long Run’ and growing up in the industry

It’s really time we talk about Molly Rainford…

With three killer R&B tracks out in six months and currently sitting pretty with a high spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Molly Rainford is making some of the freshest music out there.

Latest single, ‘Long Run’ sees a switch-up from January’s scolding ‘Commitment‘ and 2018’s insanely-infectious ‘I Like You’, which featured on CelebMix’s 21 songs by Under-21s – and with 20,000 Spotify streams in a few days alone, it’s another hit with fans.

“The support has been crazy, which is so special considering ‘Long Run’ is definitely a little different to my other two tracks.”

“In a nutshell, it’s basically about that first part of a relationship where everything is so perfect you’re wondering if it’s too good to be true!”

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Molly’s name might ring a bell. Seven years ago, at 11-years-old, she walked out onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage to cover ‘One Night Only’ and won over the nation on her way to the talent show’s final. It may have been Cowell’s emporium that put her on the map but now, in 2019, Rainford has fully taken the reigns and is pushing all the right buttons.

“If I’m honest, back then I didn’t really know much about the world of songwriting, apart from writing songs in my bedroom wanting to be like Demi Lovato in Camp Rock.”

“So now I definitely listen to songs a little deeper. Rather than just thinking ‘what an amazing song’, I think more like ‘what a killer pre-chorus, I love how the melody builds’, for example.”

Blending fresh-faced pop, Rainford tells us she’s spinning a lot of Rosalía and Billie Eilish at the moment, with influences such as Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child, it’s an exciting sound the 18-year-old is honing in the studio.

“We start by having a chat and usually the concept [of a song] will come out of that. Then we jam some chords and some melodies. By the time we’ve found them, I’m usually thinking about food more than music (lol) so we grab lunch and then start with lyrics.”

The youngster is moving in the right circles too, surrounding herself with other young talents making their mark. “I love it”, she says of all her friends also making waves.

“I always see that Bars and Melody are travelling, it’s amazing to see how they connect in so many countries. HRVY is like family to me so I couldn’t be prouder of him – I love hearing all the latest news from his mum, Nicky.”

And as the streams keep flooding in, the singer’s ambitions are set high. “Fans can definitely expect lots more music and hopefully towards the end of the year, my first headline show.” First, however, it’s college coursework and fast-approaching deadlines. She’s lifted her head from some “notes on the purpose of soul music in society” to chat to CelebMix…

…We best let her get back to it. Balancing college work with releasing banging R&B tracks must be time-consuming. Guess we’ll just go back to streaming ‘Long Run’.

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Written by Toby Bryant

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