Exclusive: Neon Hitch catches up with CelebMix

When we last spoke to Neon Hitch, things were a little different. She was just about to drop her 301 to Paradise EP and was basking in the glory of stunning new song ‘Midnight Sun‘. Since then, she’s gone on to release singles like ‘Yard Sale’ and ‘Sparks’, and recently dropped title-track from her new album, ‘Eleutheromaniac’. CelebMix caught up with our favourite Gypsy Star for a quick natter…

Neon! What are you up to right this minute?

In San Fran doing tech meetings!

Your fans recently petitioned to free the “Sparks” music video. How did it feel when the video was published online?

It felt really good to know my fans have that much power…and I love results. I put a lot into that video so I’m very grateful that people actually got to see my art.

It’s almost ironic that the new album is about freedom and the production company was stopping you from showing the world your art. Do you find that you are always battling for freedom in your art, and also in your life?

It seems to be a theme of my life thread that I have to ‘fight’ for my freedom. This is something we are born with and should not have to fight for… But yes, I will do what I have to for justice.

Speaking of which…How’s the new album looking? How many tracks? What do they sound like? Can you give us any teasers?

I’m excited to finally release my first full length album this fall. I’ve made so many albums in the past few years but none have had the freedom I’d hoped for.. It’s all timing!

We know there’s been a lot of difficulty behind the scenes re: the album. Is there anything your fans can do to help you get it out as soon as possible?

I wouldn’t change a thing about my fans, they have been the wheels that keep me moving. Keep supporting, stay positive and let’s just continue to have each other’s back!

Do you still stand by your WeRNeon album funding campaign?

Unfortunately it didn’t quite reach the goal but I’m not letting that stop me. I’m a creative warrior!

Rumour has it you have a new single coming soon….can you spill any details?

I actually have a few in the works and am looking for video people based in LA (#FanLabel hit me up!)

Which song from Eleutheromaniac is your favourite?

I would say the actual song “Eleutheromaniac” is one of personal faves. It’s hard to pick a favourite song of mine though because I make new songs everyday and am excited about all of them!

It’s been a while since you recorded a lot of the album. Are you in a different place, a different mindset from when you first recorded the tracks?

Always, I am forever evolving and my music grows with me. So when the release date for the full length album comes I will probably throw a bunch of my most recent songs on the album last minute!

Who do you have on your iPod at the moment?

I cannot stop listening to the new Major Lazer tune! I get hooked on 1 song, play it 12,000 times then on to the next song.

You have so many unreleased tracks; have you ever thought to leak them all online for your fans to listen to?

I do think about that, and then I think about the lawsuit I would get in. I now have a rule where before I even go in the studio with someone they know in advance i’m gonna put it out if I like it… And that’s why I’m able to put out these new singles in the next few weeks!

The 24:00 EP was a really exciting concept, the songs were great. You managed to record a whole EP in 24 hours, but I’m guessing music doesn’t always flow so quickly. Which song from your entire catalogue have you spent the most time on, tweaking and changing?

God, I STILL have some unfinished songs from 2012!! My mind moves very fast so if a song isn’t coming to me right away I get bored and start making a new one.

Can you tell us the real meaning behind 301??

I honestly have no idea where that number came from, but it never left. I think it’s beautiful and mysterious like life it’s self.

Finally, what can we expect from you in the future? Of course, the album, but have you got anything else lined up?

I have SO much in the works…lots of music, 2 video shoots this month, working on a TV show idea, touring, a new radio single with.. (cannot say any more yet), Fan Label, Europe later this summer…And wherever else the wind blows me!

Eleutheromaniac arrives this fall.

Written by Jack