Exclusive: Nia Sioux talks new single “You Don’t Really Wanna” and her Sweet 16

It is no secret that Nia Sioux has had a busy year. On top of recording the seventh season of her television show Dance Moms, Nia has been spending a big amount of time in the recording studio and is now preparing to go on the #FollowMeOnStage tour this summer. In the middle of all the work, Nia has planned her Sweet 16, which she will be celebrating in Los Angeles with her friends and family. We have caught up with Nia again to talk about her new single “You Don’t Really Wanna,” her dream birthday bash, and how her music is evolving as she’s getting older.

CM: Hi, Nia! How are you? 

Nia: Amazing! I am 16 years old today! Yay! I have been looking forward to this day for months. We have planned a fun party and I cannot wait to celebrate with my friends and family tonight.

CM: It seems like you have a lot going on right now. Can you tell us about some of the things you have coming up? 

Nia: This is a busy time but I love it! I’d rather be busy so it is great.  I am releasing a new song today and the video for it tomorrow; That is my birthday present to my fans. I hope they love my new song and sound. I had the pleasure to work with Mikey Minden again and I think everyone will love the video concept. Mikey is just brilliant and we are a great team. He brings out the best in me. I am introducing a new vibe and a more mature look now that I am 16. The song is something I think a lot of teens can relate to- relationship problems. This was a wonderful video to film and the team Mikey assembled was amazing – I am really lucky!! I have also been doing a ton of really fun photo shoots and I think people will really enjoy these photos. I am also getting ready to start rehearsals for the #FollowMeOnStage tour in a couple of weeks! I can’t wait to start working with Janelle on the choreography for the show. I know I am going to be pushed to new limits!

CM: You’re going on the #FollowMeOnStage tour this summer. What can you tell us about the tour? 

Nia: The FollowMe [tour] is truly a special experience that I have never done before. We are scheduled to go on a 19 city tour this summer where I will have an opportunity to perform a number of songs – singing and dancing. I am very excited about a special component of the tour where I will get a chance to meet and spend time with fans after the show. I am looking forward to that!

CM: As everyone knows, you’re a terrific dancer. What is it about dance that makes you happy? Has your love for dance changed as you have gotten older? 

Nia: As I have gotten older my style as a dancer has evolved. You can see a maturity and fluidity in my movements. I have come to embrace my body as well as the strength that I bring to my dancing. Although technique will always be important, I also strive to make people feel something when they see me perform. For me, the performance aspect is key because dance is an art form and I want to be able to express a wide range of emotion when I dance.

CM: Speaking of getting older, congratulations on turning 16! How are you planning to celebrate it?

Nia: Since I spend so much of the year in LA I really wanted to have a birthday party. Although it may seem a little extravagant to have my sweet 16 in LA, I love that so many friends from around the country are here [in LA] to celebrate my birthday with me. The sweet 16 party is like a dream come true. Everything I ever dreamed about, we included in this party. There will be music, dinner, dancing and a host of activities throughout the night as well as a surprise musical guest at Buca Di Beppo. It is a party that dreams are made of.

CM: Your new song “You Don’t Really Wanna” is also coming out on your birthday. What is the song about?

Nia: The song is about girl power! I really want to use my platform to empower girls, and I think this song is a step in the right direction. It encourages girls to stand up for themselves and be secure enough to tell the guy that they like that they don’t have time for their games. This type of behavior makes a bold statement!

CM: The music video for “You Don’t Really Wanna” will be released the day after your birthday. What part of creating the music video did you like? Did you have a big say in how it turned out? 

Nia: I had the pleasure of working with Mikey Minden again for this video. I wanted to go for a more mature vibe with this video. It was important to me that we show that I am growing up and maturing. I think the choice to use black and white gives the video a bold artistic quality. I knew I wanted several dance sequences in the video so I needed dynamic choreography. Mikey assembled the perfect team for this video! It is too hard to pick just one part of the video as a favorite.

CM: Do you have any musical inspirations? Which artist in the industry do you admire right now? 

Nia: Beyoncé is one of my all-time favorite artists! She is the ultimate performer and an outstanding entertainer.  I also admire Sara Bareilles and her sound. She is an excellent story teller and I hope to write music like her one day.

CM: Are you planning on releasing an album in the near future? 

Nia: I would love to release an album in the future.  Although I have enjoyed releasing singles as I complete each music project, I would love to have an album that shows my range and all my abilities. There are so many stories to tell. Ideally once I have enough material I would like to produce and release an album.

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