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EXCLUSIVE: Nikki’s Wives Premiere Thought Provoking New Music Video

Sometimes music is “just” music: made to enjoy, to get your mind off of things, to relax, to let you get carried away into another world. And we are more than just happy with that. There is nothing that we enjoy more than a carefree bop or a simple summer song.

But sometimes, music is more than “just” that. Sometimes, music is made with the intention and purpose to dig deeper, to get the listener thinking, talking, acting. Sometimes, the artist even shoots a video for said music to spread the message with all possible aids.

Sometimes, an artist truly steps up in order to use the platform that he or she is given.

Well, sometimes is today.

This action-taking is a thing we would like to acknowledge on this particular Friday as it marks the release date of Nikki’s Wives’ brand new video. We at CelebMix are more than happy that the Canadian alternative-pop band has decided to take matters into their own hands and use their social reach to talk about a very heavily discussed topic at the moment: gun violence. We are also happy to announce that they have decided to exclusively premiere this important video on our website, while also giving us some insight into its conception.

“We wanted to make a video that touched on some of the experiences we’ve had (…) but keep the optimistic tone that inspired that song.”

Nikki’s Wives’ new video accompanies their latest track “Get Paid” which was released last month. “Get Paid” is, in contrast to what you may believe now, a happy indie-pop song which basically motivates you to live life and enjoy it. The video, on the other hand, sets a different kind of tone. It starts with a short message of the band, explaining the reasoning behind the thought-provoking visuals, leading afterward to a split storyline, either showing the adult trio in an abandoned warehouse or three kids rummaging the streets.

“For ‘Get Paid’, we wanted to make a video that touched on some of the experiences we’ve had with gun violence, but also keep the optimistic tone that inspired the song”, explained lead singer Nikki in a quick chat with us. The band has seen the consequences of gun violence outside their shows and has been deeply affected by the latest mass shootings. The trio also visited schools targeted by gun threats and decided that thoughts and prayers are simply not enough anymore.

As gun violence matters to all, they were inspired to center this video around the issue by using children with toy guns in order to depict the culture surrounding guns.

“We wanted to inspire positivity and optimism about making a change.”

Nikki further explained that they “wanted to treat the subject with the gravity it deserves, but also inspire positivity and optimism about making a change”. In order to do so, they decided to donate all the proceeds of the song to the National Compassion Fund and encourage their listeners and viewers to donate as well, in order to leave their mark.

“Hopefully, with ‘Get Paid’ we can add our little push to the movement to end gun violence”, Nikki concluded.

You can watch their brand new video down below:

“Get Paid” is available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer/platform of your choice right here.  All proceeds of the record will be donated to the National Compassion Fund. Be sure to also follow Nikki’s Wives on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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