Nurko via Instagram
Nurko via Instagram

EXCLUSIVE: Nurko Chats About New Single

Nurko recently released his brand new single “Better Off Lonely” featuring RORY and has given fans yet another addictive track to fall in love with this year. In fact, this single is managing to capture the attention of countless new listeners on social and streaming platforms just weeks after its initial release. With over half a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, it impressively seems as though the streams, followers and dedicated fanbase that Nurko has established only continues to grow. This brand new single, however, is a bit more personal for him. It touches on the subject of mental health, an important message that Nurko believes should be intersected with house and dance music more. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, he opens up about “Better Off Lonely,” collaborations and more.

What can you tell us about your new track “Better Off Lonely” and the original inspiration behind it?

I got a few demos from RORY. The second I heard “Better Off Lonely,” I knew I had to take that one. I wanted to build a song around her vocals that matched the emotion she portrays. The vocals alone were extremely inspiring for me to create a really emotional tune. I loved the vocal so much that I used her voice as the main lead in the drop.

How did it go collaborating with RORY?

I loved it. She’s an extremely talented vocalist. We both love the way the tune turned out. There are already more NURKO x RORY songs in the works!

You recently performed for the Alone Together virtual event on Youtube! What was that experience like for you?

It was a lot of fun. These virtual festivals are a great idea for our current quarantine situation. It’s an awesome way for fans and artists to come together. It definitely makes me really miss live shows.

How important is it for you as an artist to get involved with events like that and help causes such as the Black Mental Health Alliance?

It’s very important. I think since us artists have an audience, it’s important to use our platform to help spread positivity and awareness to mental health. These times can be very tough for mental health, so it’s important to remind everyone that we will get through this and we are all in this together.

Mental health has been intersecting with dance music a lot…especially recently. Do you plan on touching on that subject more in future releases?

Yes. Before I made the decision to make music full time, I actually worked as a mental health clinician at a behavioral hospital. Mental health is heavily intertwined into the theme and story of Nurko. The teardrop resembles emotion and that I hope my music can help with whatever [my listeners] are going through. There’s a lot more that goes into the story of Nurko, but that is part of it.

Who else would you like to work within the music industry for a future collaboration?

I’m currently working with some of my favorite artists, so I’m super stoked about that. But I would love to work with Seven Lions, Said the Sky and Skrillex one day.

And lastly, what can fans look forward to hearing or seeing from you in the near or distant future?

You can look forward to new music, a ton of new merch, collaborations with a bunch of sick artists and the official “Faith” music video that features hundreds of fans. It was a way to bring light to the current situation and have fans be involved. Super excited for the future!

Listen to “Better Off Lonely” here.

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